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Additional measures have been identified for the development of industry and entrepreneurship in Fergana

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Additional measures have been identified for the development of industry and entrepreneurship in Fergana

During his trip to the Fergana region, President Shavkat Mirziyoyev got acquainted with the activities of the "BNBM Building Materials Central Asia enterprise", located in the "Kokand" free economic zone in the Fergana region, a «Dunyo» correspondent reports with reference to the Press Service of the head of state.

30 million dollars of foreign direct investment was invested in the project, the production of drywall and its decorative types with a capacity of 30 million and 4 million square meters per year, respectively, was launched. 200 new jobs created.

The ceremony of launching new production facilities in the Fergana region was also held here. These are the enterprises of Fargona Yasin Qurilish Mollari in the Besharyk region, "Mollis" and "Proker" in the Uchkuprik region, "Chinor Plus 2020" in the Rishtan region, "Expo Collor Print Tex" in the Tashlaq region, "Bahodir Logon Textile" in the Ferghana region. district, "Cement khomashyo savdosi" in the Uzbekistan district, "Global Textile Infinity" in the Kushtepa district, as well as branches of scientific and practical centers for emergency medical care and cardiology.

Then, under the chairmanship of the President, a meeting was held on attracting investments, developing industry and entrepreneurship. The leadership of the Republic of Karakalpakstan, khokims of all regions and districts joined the meeting via video link.

At the pre-election meeting, big plans were outlined to improve the life of the population, attract active investments in the region’s economy, and increase the incomes of Ferghana residents.

- A minister or khokim who thinks that we have seven more years ahead of us and that we can start work next year is deeply mistaken. Because our people already today are waiting for concrete results on each initiative put forward in the election programs. If the way of working from the very top to the mahalla does not change, if leaders at all levels do not learn to work according to the principle “every new day is a new opportunity”, we will lose time,” said Shavkat Mirziyoyev.

The President noted that the indicators of some districts and cities of the Fergana region in attracting foreign direct investment are unsatisfactory.

For example, only $25 million was invested in the city of Fergana in six months of last year, while the figure for the same period of this year is even lower - $12 million. The volume of foreign direct investment in the city of Margilan, Uzbekistan, Baghdad, Tashlak districts is less than half of last year’s figure.

It is indicated that Ferghana, which once occupied one of the leading places in industry, has now dropped to 12th place in the republic. The industrial potential is underused. For example, in the first half of the year in Tashlak the volume of industrial production decreased by 17 percent, in Kokand - by 3 percent, in Altyaryk - by 1.3 percent, in Kuva - by 1.2 percent.

The situation with providing the population with affordable housing is deplorable. Of the 212 houses that were planned to be built in the region this year, only 42 were put into operation.

The development of the service sector in the region is also unsatisfactory.

The number of regional enterprises that ceased operations for the six months of 2022 was 2.5 thousand, and today this figure has reached 14.5 thousand.

At the beginning of the year, 60 districts of the republic were included in the fourth and fifth categories, and a separate program for their economic development was launched. In Ferghana, entrepreneurs from Furkat, Yazyavan and Sokh districts, included in these categories, have benefited from tax benefits worth 30 billion soums over the past six months. However, instead of improving the situation, the income of entrepreneurs decreased compared to last year.

The fact that large areas in industrial zones are empty is also criticized, khokims of 19 districts and cities of the region do not use the available opportunities, offering unused land to entrepreneurs.

- If there are many vacant places, khokims do not get tired of asking to change the agricultural category of land to industrial. The saddest thing is that in the region there are cases of privatization of state-owned industrial facilities and the construction of individual housing on their territory, the head of our state said.

The Prosecutor General’s Office and the Cadastral Agency are tasked with investigating such cases and ensuring the rule of law. It was determined that from now on decisions on changing the category of industrial land will be made only with the consent of the Government Commission.

It was emphasized that the work on the provision of sown land for rent was organized “for show”, plots located far from the place of residence or water sources are allocated. According to survey results, 32 percent of tenants did not receive any assistance from district khokimiyats. It was noted that the measures taken to curb inflation and ensure price stability in the markets are also unsatisfactory.

A number of leaders at the regional, city and district levels were dismissed due to serious shortcomings in their activities and improper organization of work.

In order to identify the untapped opportunities of the region and their implementation, responsible persons of the republican level are assigned to each district and city. They identified $2 billion in additional reserves, met with entrepreneurs, and formed projects.

“If khokims find time, meet with entrepreneurs, delve into their problems, listen to their initiatives, then by the end of the year all districts of the region will easily be able to attract at least $100 million in investments,” the head of our state said.

The President showed these opportunities on the example of the Kuva and Besharyk regions.

The President announced mobilization in all regions before the end of the year to implement the experiment that started in Fergana. The task was set to take measures to attract at least $100 million to each district by the end of the year.

In connection with the increase in the minimum consumer spending from 500,000 to 570,000 soums, another 9,000 Fergana families fall under the category of the poor. In this regard, it was instructed to assign hokim’s assistants to each such family and take measures to increase their income.

It was instructed to replace 1,157 hectares of sown land put up for auction for agriculture, but remained unclaimed, with plots convenient for the population and create at least 15,000 jobs on these lands.

At the end of the meeting, the reports of the heads of regions and spheres were heard.

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