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June 30, 2017

Congratulation of the President of Uzbekistan to the Press and Mass Media Workers

On June 29, President of Uzbekistan Shavkat Mirziyoyev acquainted with the constructive, improvement work and new projects in Tashkent district Mirzo Ulugbek

On telephone conversation of Presidents of Uzbekistan and Turkmenistan

Power engineering of Uzbekistan: Forecast Reality

A constituent conference of the Republican Council for Coordinating the Activities of Citizens’ Self-Government Bodies was taken place at the Palace of Symposiums of Uzbekistan


Congratulation of the President of Uzbekistan to the Press and Mass Media Workers
Dear friends!

Sincerely, I wholeheartedly congratulate you - all journalists of our country, employees of newspapers and magazines, TV and radio channels, publishing houses and printing enterprises, veterans of the sphere with the Day of Press and Media Workers, I express my deep respect and very kind wishes.
Speaking about the mass media which are an integral part of our life today, we first of all have in mind purposeful and constantly learning representatives of a noble and responsible profession for whom objectivity and justice, the interests of the Motherland and the people - above all.
In the years of independence, the mass media of Uzbekistan, like our entire country, have passed a long way of development, and we are rightfully proud of these successes.
Currently, there are more than 1,500 mass media outlets in the country. The total daily airtime of only the TV channels of the National Television and Radio Company of Uzbekistan is 616 hours, while before independence it was only 48 hours.
It is worth to note that the structure of the media is also fundamentally changing. This is confirmed by the fact that in our country about 53 percent of all TV channels and 85 percent of radio channels are non-state. I am sure that the "O`zbekiston-24" TV channel which will start operating in the coming days and will provide continuous broadcasting in round-the-clock form, will find its viewers and take a worthy place in the national information space.
When the matter is this, it must be specially noted that the Internet as the most rapid information medium enters ever deeper into our life. Currently, over 400 websites and information portals operate on the global network under the Uz domain, most of them also work in foreign languages. In this sphere, a new creative generation is being formed - Internet journalists.
Of course, in achieving such results, an important role is played by the fact that the issue of the development of the media is constantly at the center of attention of our state and society. Thanks to this, significant work has been done over the past period to expand the activity field of journalists, secure their rights and interests. In particular, a solid legal basis was created - about 10 legislative acts meeting the democratic requirements and standards aimed at liberalizing and developing the press and the media and ensuring freedom of speech were adopted.
Organizations such as the Creative Union of Journalists of Uzbekistan, the National Press Center, the National Association of Electronic Mass Media, the Public Foundation for the Support and Development of Independent Print Media and News Agencies are successfully functioning. Recently, the International Press Club has also started its work.
Today in our country great importance is attached to strengthening the effectiveness of the system of publishing and distribution of book products, improving the culture of reading. 118 publishing houses, 1,760 printing enterprises, thousands of creative and technical workers are involved in fulfilling this important task. Thanks to their efforts and work, more than 60 million copies of books are published annually in 7 languages.
It can be talked a lot about it. However we all well understand that the transformation of quantitative indicators into qualitative and on this basis - the formation of the media as a real fourth authority, ensuring the pluralism of opinions and views in the national media-space remains as an actual task.
As you know, in this regard, the Strategy for Actions on further development of the Republic of Uzbekistan in 2017-2021 outlines the most important priority areas.
At present, when the dialogue with the people, constant attention to the problems and needs of people are raised to the level of state policy, the transformation of each mass media into a real platform for dialogue, a rostrum for free expression will help us to achieve our goals.
Unfortunately, the mass media do not yet fully reflect the problems that exist in our lives, the strengthening of the spirit of criticism and self-criticism in our society, first and foremost, acute and pressing issues with which citizens turn to the People’s reception centers in the places and the virtual reception of the President.
Today, time is changing rapidly. Life itself requires all of us to take decisive actions, initiative, honest and fair attitude to our work in any sphere. Our steadfast and patient, industrious and noble people are waiting for concrete results of the important transformations that are underway now.
I would like to note that I consider such representatives of this profession as real journalists who boldly raise the issues of eliminating various barriers to our development, especially such negative manifestations as bureaucracy, indifference, extortion, corruption, and for whom the formation of a public opinion which is irreconcilable to such vices is the duty and the meaning of life.
Of course, we all understand that for this, media professionals need not only professional knowledge and skills, life experience, a sense of responsibility for their word, but at the same time - a strong civic position and spiritual courage. Therefore, we must create for the media even broader opportunities with legislative, material, technical, educational and methodological points of view.
The formation of the school of modern national journalism is inextricably linked with the upbringing of qualified personnel with high spiritual and intellectual potential. To accomplish this important task, first of all, it is necessary to boost the material and technical base of specialized higher education institutions, improve educational standards and curricula, prop up the professional level and qualifications of teachers, widely introduce of information and communication technologies into the field, strengthen cooperation with state structures, civil institutes, expert community, foreign and international creative organizations.
Today Uzbekistan is entering a new stage of its advancement. I am convinced that the mass media will continue to direct their activities to the solution of important and urgent tasks facing us, further strengthening peace and tranquility in the country, an atmosphere of mutual understanding and harmony in the society, increasing the confidence of our compatriots in their forces, in the future, securing the rule of law and justice, fulfilling of public control over the activities of state bodies, in short, will become the true defenders of the interests of the people.
I know very well that you, the distinguished workers of the press, always strive to be in the forefront of those who do not spare themselves, their strength and energy in the name of providing our people with an even more free, comfortable and prosperous life, and I consider you as my like-minded people. I want to assure you that we are mobilizing all the capabilities of our state and society for a worthy evaluation of your hard and responsible work, further increasing its effectiveness.
Dear friends!
I sincerely congratulate all of you on your professional holiday, I wish you health, luck and success in your noble activities, wellbeing and prosperity to your families.
President of the Republic of Uzbekistan
(Source: «Uzbekistan Today» newspaper)

On June 29, President of Uzbekistan Shavkat Mirziyoyev acquainted with the constructive, improvement work and new projects in Tashkent district Mirzo Ulugbek
On June 29, the head of our state Shavkat Mirziyoyev visited the “Krantas Group” plant, where he became acquainted with the activity of enterprises producing construction machinery.
More than 60 types of special machinery – truck cranes, crane manipulators, tanker trucks for transportation of fuel and acids, communal equipment, auto repair shops, auto hydraulic lifters are manufactured at “Krantas” and “Cranes and special vehicles” enterprises, which were established in 2008 on the basis of Tashkent experimental mechanical plant. These import-substituting and export-oriented products are supplied to enterprises of various sectors of the economy of our country.
645 people are employed at “Krantas Group” enterprises. It is envisaged to create 150 more new workplaces due to increasing production volumes, installation of new equipment and opening additional workshops.
In 2017-2018, it is envisaged to establish production in enterprises of truck cranes with capacity of 100 tons and tower cranes of 8 tons capacity, intended for construction of multi-storey buildings. Effectively using the conditions created for the development of entrepreneurship in our country, the enterprises are planning to increase the volume of exports to 5 million dollars this year, to export products to Kazakhstan, Tajikistan, Turkmenistan, Afghanistan and other countries.
The President of our country examined the finished samples of special machinery that are produced at the enterprise and observed the process of their production, noted that such enterprises are important in the development of industry of our country.
Responsible managers were given appropriate instructions on expanding localization of special machinery produced at the enterprises, revising the corresponding state program, which is designed for five years, reducing the import of special machinery and increasing the purchase of its localized analogues.
The need for opening faculties in relevant higher educational institutions on training of 20-25 specialists per year for the sphere of cranes and special machinery production, was noted.
* * *
The head of our state visited the Academy of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of the Republic of Uzbekistan, got acquainted with conditions created there.
President Shavkat Mirziyoyev paid special attention to issues of increasing the effectiveness of the internal affairs bodies’ activities, further improving their interaction with khokimiyats, civil society institutions at places, improving the living conditions of prevention inspectors, providing qualified personnel at the video-conference, which was held on February 9 this year, dedicated to the internal affairs bodies’ activities, problems and shortcomings in the sphere, challenges for the future.
The legal basis of radical reforms in the system of internal affairs bodies has been improved. New tasks have been set before the employees of the internal affairs bodies by the Decree of the President of our country “On measures of radically increasing the effectiveness of the internal affairs bodies’ activities, strengthening their responsibility for ensuring public order, reliable protection of the rights, freedoms and legitimate interests of citizens” of April 10 and the Resolution of the head of our state “On organizational measures of further improving activities of internal affairs bodies” of April 12 of this year.
The Academy of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of the Republic of Uzbekistan is one of the largest higher educational institutions in Central Asia on training of law enforcement personnel. It is organized in accordance with the Resolution of the Cabinet of Ministers of the Republic of Uzbekistan of September 2, 1994.
The Academy has four modern educational buildings, two houses for listeners, a hotel and other necessary infrastructure. There are 18 lecture halls, more than 150 classrooms and educational-methodical rooms for conducting training classes. There is a sports complex with three halls and a swimming pool, a stadium, sports grounds for tennis and athletic training, a shooting range with two galleries, a criminalistics polygon, a telecentre with a local network, a psychological support center, more than 20 computer classes equipped with modern computers at the disposal of listeners.
Listeners can use three libraries, the book fund, where there are more than 500 thousand copies of educational, scientific, socio-political, special and artistic literature, including periodicals and information publications. There is also a printing house equipped with modern computer and printing equipment.
The Academy has a countryside military training center for conducting practical training in conditions close to real, and special tactical exercises, where there is a lecture hall for 600 people, training classes, a tactical town, a town of protection against weapons of mass destruction, a “YAK-40” airliner for development of operations on seizing armed criminals in various conditions, the underground complex “SHRON”, a shooting range for shooting practice from a machine gun, a rifle, a sniper rifle and a pistol.
Great attention is paid to taking care of the health and leisure of listeners and employees. There is a mini-clinic for 30 beds on the territory of the Academy. Landscaping of the territory has been carried out, dozens of flower beds have been created, 10 fountains are working.
At present, construction and repair work is being carried out on the territory of the Academy.
The head of our state got acquainted with the projects on five priority directions for further development of the Academy of the Ministry of Internal Affairs in 2017-2021.
The President of our country gave appropriate instructions on provision of training of highly qualified professional personnel, enhancing the professional skills of personnel, deepening their spiritual and educational, legal knowledge.
* * *
President Shavkat Mirziyoyev got acquainted with activities of the City department of internal affairs No. 8 of Mirzo Ulugbek district department for internal affairs.
The head of our state, at the video-conference that was held on February 9 of this year, dedicated to the activities of internal affairs bodies, problems and shortcomings in the sphere, challenges for the future, noted the need of improving the infrastructure of supporting units, comprehensive reformation of the system of internal affairs bodies, optimization of their structural divisions.
City departments of internal affairs are organized under the district departments of internal affairs proceeding from these tasks, as well as in order to further approximate activities of the internal affairs bodies to people, strengthen crime prevention in the capital.
Inspector on minors and youth affairs, an operational commissioner, an investigator, a passport inspector and a preventive inspector are carrying out their activities in the City department of internal affairs No. 8 of Mirzo Ulugbek district department for internal affairs. The Internal affairs department is equipped with the most modern computer equipment. This will allow to effectively implement tasks on ensuring peace and crime prevention in the territories of makhallas named after Alisher Navoi, Babur, Shukur Burkhanov, Gulzor, “Yangi hayot”, “Katta Korasuv”, “Shuvtepa”, where more than 32 thousand people are living. In addition, residents of these makhallas can apply to this city department.
The President of our country talked with employees of the City department of internal affairs No. 8, got acquainted with the working process carried out using modern technologies.
The purpose of approximating internal affairs bodies to people is to prevent crime, identify causes contributing to it, protect the rights and freedoms, ensure a peaceful and tranquil life for people, said the head of our state.
Presentation of a special device for automatic recognition of state registration plates of cars and fixing offenses “Avtokon” was held. This device, installed in the car of the road safety inspector, makes it possible to recognize automobiles in the traffic flow whose owners are evading payment of fine for violation of traffic rules.
The head of our state gave instructions on further improving this device.
* * *
President of our country Shavkat Mirziyoyev visited the center of citizens’ gathering of “Katta Korasuv” makhalla in Mirzo Ulugbek district.
The head of our state, during his trips to the regions, visits makhallas, gets acquainted with conditions created for employees, prevention inspectors and the population, and holds dialogue with people.
As a result of special attention paid in our country to strengthening the legal foundations of the makhalla institute, expanding its powers and objectives, ensuring close interaction with the state governing bodies and administration, the role of civil society institutions in socio-economic life of the country is increasing.
The Decree of the head of our state “On measures of further improving the makhalla institute” of February 3 of this year marked the beginning of a new stage in development of this system. The makhalla institute is being radically reformed and improved in accordance with requirements of time.
A vivid example of this is the activity carried out in “Katta Korasuv” makhalla.
More than 3,4 thousand people, representatives of different nationalities are living in the makhalla. Capitally renovated makhalla center helps to strengthen the cohesion of people, the atmosphere of friendship and harmony.
There are separate offices in the building of the center of the citizens’ gathering for the chairman, secretary and makhalla advisors, prevention inspector that are equipped with modern information and communication technologies, provided with furniture and literature. There is a library with computers, Internet access, electronic literature in the center, which contributes to organization of meaningful leisure of the population, improving the reading culture of youth.
The head of our state talked with the makhalla activists about upbringing of youth, activities carried out on ensuring employment of the population, prevention of crime in the makhalla.
A chaykhana (tea-house), bakery, beauty salon, shops, sports and children’s playgrounds that are opened in the makhalla center contribute not only to ensuring the daily needs of residents, but also to strengthening of stable spiritual atmosphere.
The President of our country got acquainted with the makhalla life. Members of the “Crystal” children’s dance ensemble performed dances. Young talents were presented musical instruments.
It was noted that makhalla plays a leading role in establishing a clear system of working with unorganized youth, protecting them from influence of various ideas alien to our society.
Instructions were given on establishment of a permanent dialogue with the population, creating necessary conditions and opportunities for the effective activity on prevention of crime and delinquency, ensuring peace and safety of citizens, working effectively with minors.
(Source: UzA)

On telephone conversation of Presidents of Uzbekistan and Turkmenistan
On June 29, President of the Republic of Uzbekistan Shavkat Mirziyoyev had a telephone conversation with the President of Turkmenistan Gurbanguly Berdimuhamedov.
The head of our state warmly congratulated the leader of Turkmenistan on his 60th birthday anniversary.
It was noted that the President of Turkmenistan is known in Uzbekistan as the outstanding statesman and politician of the world, talented leader with rich practical life experience, devoted himself entirely to selfless service for the prosperity and well-being of his country.
Today, a number of major projects and programs aimed at ensuring sustainable socio-economic development, outstripping the development of infrastructure and raising the standard of living of the population are being implemented in Turkmenistan. The authority of the country in the international arena is consistently strengthened.
All achievements of modern Turkmenistan are inextricably linked with the name of President Gurbanguly Berdimuhamedov, with his deeply thought-out policy, truly great efforts and hard work.
The leaders of the two countries discussed practical aspects of implementation of reached agreements and taken decisions during the high-level meetings in March and May of this year in Turkmenistan. Intensification of contacts at all levels, as well as actively implemented joint projects in the trade-economic, transport-communication, energy, cultural, humanitarian and other spheres was noted with satisfaction.
The heads of the two countries emphasized that the accumulated experience of close and fruitful cooperation, which allowed to achieve a high-level strategic partnership, is a solid basis for realizing the huge potential of bilateral cooperation.
The sides also exchanged views on the most actual issues of regional and international policy of mutual interest.
In conclusion, the President of Uzbekistan Shavkat Mirziyoyev once again sincerely congratulated Gurbanguly Berdimuhamedov on his birthday anniversary. Wished him good health, prosperity and new success in state activity, and to the brotherly people of Turkmenistan – peace and prosperity.
The conversation took place in a traditionally warm and friendly atmosphere.
(Source: UzA)


Power engineering of Uzbekistan: Forecast Reality
It is quite obvious that the domestic oil and gas industry has approached a new round of development. After more than 25 years of operation within the country’s borders, it is making the first steps abroad, facing a challenge of participation in the most complicated projects on the shelf. This year, experts promise to stop the decline in mining, and even reach a small growth, accelerate some current and launch new large-scale investment projects.
This was the highlight of a regular meeting of the International Press Club at a live discussion of the current state and prospects of the oil and gas industry in Uzbekistan.
Stable Pillar
Over the past two and a half decades, Uzbekistan has turned into a big exporter of natural gas, petroleum products and new polymer products for the domestic economy, including polyethylene and polypropylene. However, the achievement of the progress required remarkable efforts and resources. The scale up in the oil and gas capacity has been among the key priorities of the strategy of economic and social development of Uzbekistan since the first years of independence.
Having crossed the 25-year boundary, the oil and gas industry of independent Uzbekistan is an obvious industry’s flagship, and the leading branch of the economy, which plays an important role in the country’s socio-economic development. Structural reforms and large-scale investment projects allowed Uzbekneftegaz to increase the production of highly liquid products needed to meet the needs of the population, industry, transport and housing and communal services.
The history of development of the domestic oil and gas industry takes its rise in 1992, when the decree of the First President of Uzbekistan Islam Karimov triggered the creation of a unified complex that merged separate enterprises enagfed in mining, processing and transportation of oil and gas, and the production of petroleum products. Over the years of independence, Uzbekistan has done a huge amount of work to revamp existing facilities, build new plants, complexes and units, booster compressor stations, underground gas storage facilities. The development of the oil and gas industry was facilitated by the combination of a rich resource base, technological capacity and interest of foreign companies in cooperation.
The enterprises under the National Holding Company Uzbekneftegaz have carried out large-scale geological exploration works over the past years, drilled oil and gas wells in severe conditions. Today, employing more than 128,000 specialists and incorporating over 200 enterprises, the company ranks among the largest in the region. The share of NHC in the formation of the country’s gross domestic product is almost a fifth, about 15% in industrial production, and more than 20% in the budget. Active cooperation with foreign partners and increased inflow of foreign direct investment have made the oil and gas sector the ‘locomotive’ of Uzbekistan’s economic growth.
Reliable Partnership
The early 2000s marked a new period of development of the industry, which was distinguished by drawing large foreign investments. Within the framework of investment projects in 1991-2016, Uzbekistan disbursed a total of $30.7 billion. That was just the beginning. The program of measures on ensuring structural transformations, modernization and diversification of production for 2019 envisages the implementation of 54 investment projects worth more than $18 billion.
The implementation of advanced projects became feasible owing to close international cooperation with the Russian Lukoil, Gazprom, the Chinese CNPC and CNODC, Korea National Oil Corporation, DAEWOO International, KOGAZ, Hyundai Engineering, the American Honeywell, General Electric and many others.
The largest transnational project on the construction of the Turkmenistan-Uzbekistan-Kazakhstan-China gas pipeline sustained the diversification of natural gas exports. The length of the Uzbek part of the gas pipeline is 529.7 km, with the throughput capacity of 50 billion cubic meters of gas per year.
Unique industrial giants - Shurtan and Ustyurt gas-chemical complexes have paid the way for the new area of gas chemistry. Today the complexes produce more than 500,000 tons of polyethylene and 83,000 tons of polypropylene.
The Fergana refinery was also reconstructed in the first years of independence, allowing a remarkable expansion of the range of products to 60 types, as well as a significant improvement of quality of petroleum products. The commissioning of the Bukhara refinery increased the production of gasoline of high-octane grades AI-91 and AI-95, aviation kerosene, environmentally friendly diesel fuel, sulfur, etc., in the Uzbek market. Uzbekistan also developed the production of jet fuel Djet-A-1 for modern airliners.
Today, the oil and gas industry is actively introducing modern and advanced technologies on processing and utilization of liquid hydrocarbons. The plant for processing used oils of Uz-Prista Recycling JV was put into operation in 2016. A project on the establishment of a synthetic liquid fuel plant based on purified methane, produced at the Shurtan GCC, is called to increase the production of environmentally friendly oil products.
At present, Uzbekistan focuses on the creation of high-tech capacities and their modernization, which was empowered by a program on the establishment of new and modernization of existing production facilities that produce export-oriented products with high added value on the basis of enhanced processing of hydrocarbon raw materials, which is designed for 2025. The document envisages the implementation of more than 80 investment projects totaling $31.7 billion, and particularly 44 projects on enhanced processing of hydrocarbon feddstock worth $22.5 billion.
It is expected that the projects will be a follow up of the Program of Measures on Structural Transformation, Modernization and Diversification of Production for 2015 -2019, which is aimed at the establishment of production of aromatic hydrocarbons, olefins from natural gas for obtaining such polymers as polyethylene, polypropylene, polystyrene, rubber, spandex, and other products.
New Approaches, Long-Term Plans
According to expert estimates, the total value of Uzbekistan’s mineral resources exceeds $3 trillion. Hydrocarbon reserves in Uzbekistan make up about a third of the total reserves of Central Asia. It makes sense that the further development of the oil and gas industry, with its 120 year history, is inextricably linked with the reconstruction and modernization of existing technological processes, and construction of new production facilities on the basis of advanced technologies.
The rapidly changing world market situation places certain limits for the oil and gas industry, and low prices for energy carriers naturally incline many countries from the predominance of the raw material component in exports in favor of processed products. Coupled with the existing resourse base, modern technologies allow Uzbekistan acting as a major producer and supplier of products.
Several ongoing investment projects are aimed at ensuring the enhanced processing of natural gas, and production of petrochemical products. They include the construction of the Kandym GPP, the expansion of the production capacity of the Shurtan GCC, and the olefin production plant.
During the visit of the President of Uzbekistan to Russia in April 2017, the sides concluded a production sharing agreement on the investment block ‘Uzbekiston Mustaqilligi’ with additional exploration and development of the ‘Mustaiqillikning 25 Yilligi’ field and the construction of a gas chemical complex in the Surkhandarya region, which would be a follow up of the industry development with shifting from the mining to the oil and gas chemical industry.
A ceremony of laying the first stone of a modern oil refinery has been recently held in Jizzakh region under the Actions Strategy. In the future, the plant is expected to turn into the unique industrial facility not only in Uzbekistan, but throughout the Central Asian region. According to preliminary calculations, the complex will annually produce more than 3.7 million tons of motor fuel, more than 700,000 tons of aviation kerosene, and 300,000 tons of associated petroleum products.
By the end of this year, Uzbekistan intends to retard the hydrocarbon production decline rates, and achieve a small increase in natural gas. As experts say, this situation was entailed by continuously insufficient attention of Uzbekneftegaz to geological exploration. It is anticipated that by the end of the year, Uzbekistan will increase the natural gas production by 1.3 billion cubic meters against the indicators of 2016. In the future, the company plans to gradually raise the indicators through the implementation of a target program for 2017-2021, which outlines measures on intensification of exploration works and increase of production.
There is another important point. The head of state adopted a separate program for geological exploration for Ustyurt as the most promising region in Uzbekistan. NHC representatives promise that late this year the industry will announce new discoveries in the area. At the same time, the company’s capacities allow producing a total of 60-70 billion cubic meters of natural gas, and eight million tons of liquid hydrocarbons per year. The indicators rank NHC the world’s 11th largest producer of natural gas. The capacities are definitely sufficient for the new reserves.
The oil and gas industry is also on the threshold of large-scale rebranding. Uzbekneftegaz and UNG brands are known all over the world today, but there is always the opportunity to go forward, to strive for the best. The competition for the development of a new brand and slogan will be announced the other day. That will trigger the rebranding of the entire company, regardless of the activities of its subsidiaries.
Uzbekistan has been intensifying its international cooperation too. For example, the republic intends to bring the annual volume of gas supplies to China to 10 billion cubic meters in the next three years. This is stipulated by the medium-term agreement signed during the May visit of Shavkat Mirziyoyev to the Celestial Empire. The study of the prospects for participation in the project on the TAPI gas pipeline construction (Turkmenistan – Afghanistan - Pakistan – India) is underway. The issue was raised during the visit of Uzbek President Shavkat Mirziyoyev to Turkmenistan.
The national holding company intends to implement several hydrocarbon production projects on the shelf in Azerbaijan and Turkmenistan. The Uzbek side signed an agreement with the Turkmen colleagues to consider the issue of geological exploration with the follow up mining on the Caspian shelf.
The Uzbek side also concluded a strategic agreement with the Azerbaijani SOCAR, which will become a kind of entrance pass to projects on the shelf. It envisages the acceptance of the Uzbek company as a partner to the field. That would help our specialists to realize what the shelf work is about. The Azerbaijani side will help to train the personnel, to handle the technologies. Ultimately, the cooperation will enable Uzbekistan to enter the European markets.
A few more interesting projects are currently underway with Lukoil. Firstly, the Russian company intends to build a network of automobile fuel stations along the Tashkent ring road, at the first stage. In the future, Lukoil will place its gas stations throughout the country.
In addition, the Russians are approaching full capacity of gas production at the Hissar group of fields in the Kashkadarya region. The commissioning works are underway. This is a very important project that will allow additional production of about 7 million cubic meters of gas per day, or about 2 billion cubic meters per year. The Kandym Gas Processing Complex has been built concurrently. Its first stage will be launched this December.
Initially, the construction was scheduled for completion in summer, 2018. Due to the new work schedule, Lukoil is accelerating the implementation of this project. As part of the construction of the Kandym GPC, it is planned to build a gas processing plant with an annual production capacity of 8.1 billion cubic meters of gas, stable gas condensate and sulfuric sulfur. It is also planned to create a natural gas collection system, which at the full development stage will include 114 production wells, 11 cluster sites and four collection points. It is envisaged to build 370 km of gas pipelines and lay 160 km of roads. At its apex, the construction of the complex and infrastructure facilities will employ nearly 7,000 people.
According to experts, the Kandym Gas Processing Complex will concentrate the best human resources and latest technological solutions, while maintaining the highest standards of production safety, labor protection and environmental protection. The complex is deemed to become one of the largest in Central Asia, and its operation will create more than two thousand permanent jobs. In general, investments in the Kandym group development project will exceed $4.5 billion.
According to experts’ estimates, the oil and gas industry of Uzbekistan has been making progress on the projects on enhanced processing of hydrocarbon raw materials and development of new types of products with an eye to the global trends. The sustainable growth, coupled with integration in world markets, has built a foundation for a new round of development of the domestic complex, which in the future will allow the country ranking among the leading producers of petrochemical products with high added value.
(Source: «Uzbekistan Today» newspaper)


A constituent conference of the Republican Council for Coordinating the Activities of Citizens’ Self-Government Bodies was taken place at the Palace of Symposiums of Uzbekistan
In Uzbekistan special attention was placed on the development of the mahalla - a unique institution of citizens’ self-government. Thanks to the continuous increase in its authority, it has become an effective force for the formation of civil society in our country.
A new impetus to reforms in this direction was given by the Presidential Decree "On measures for further improvement of the mahalla institute" on February 3 of this year. This document identifies important tasks aimed at boosting the effectiveness of the activities of citizens’ self-government bodies, turning the mahalla into a people’s structure which is the closest to the population.
In particular, in accordance with the decree, the Republican Council for the Coordination of the Activity of Self-Government Bodies of Citizens was given the status of a legal entity, it was provided the formation of territorial councils of regions, districts and cities as its structural subdivisions.
With the purpose of realizing these tasks, in March of this year, constituent conferences were carried out in all regions and cities of the republic to form councils for coordinating the activities of citizens’ self-government bodies, in May-June in the Republic of Karakalpakstan, regions and the city of Tashkent. More than 38 thousand activists, regional hokims (mayors and governors), about 30 thousand employees of citizens’ gatherings took part in them.
It is important to note that during these events, the composition of territorial councils for coordinating the activities of citizens’ self-government bodies was approved. Hokims of the respective districts and cities, regions, as well as worthy candidates for the posts of first deputy chairmen, deputies for youth affairs, religious and educational issues, and others were elected to the posts of their chairmen. The standard statutes of the Councils were approved.
More than 300 delegates elected at territorial conferences attended the constituent conference of the Republican Council for Coordinating the Activities of Citizens’ Self-Government Organizations in Tashkent.
The mahalla activists were able to observe the course of the forum and hear reports via videoconferencing.
The conference began its work by discussing the actual tasks facing the Republican Council and its territorial subdivisions to coordinate the activities of citizens’ self-government bodies for the realization of the aforementioned decree of the head of state.
In particular, it was noted that the study of the spiritual and moral atmosphere in mahallas and families, the implementation of effective public control over the activities of public authorities to eliminate identified problems is a requirement of time. Public control is important in the transformation of the mahalla institution into the closest people’s structure which would go into all the problems that people face, was a faithful assistant in their solution. In a word, this is the guarantee of fairness.
It was stressed the need to effectively organize the work of the commissions of mahallas on issues of minors, youth and sports and vice-chairmen of youth gatherings aimed at the spiritual and moral education of the younger generation, strengthening of explanatory measures to protect them from various ideological influences, and increasing the effectiveness of the dialogue with the youth. The significance of ensuring the effective interaction of the Kamolot Youth Civic Movement and the internal affairs bodies in setting up work with youth in the mahallas was outlined as a priority.
The forum focused on the further strengthening of the role of the mahalla in enriching the spiritual world of youth, the formation and development of legal, spiritual and moral education of the younger generation, familiarization with the rich literary heritage of our people. It was noted the importance of step-by-step creation of libraries in the buildings of citizens gatherings, organization and conduct of weeks of book lovers in mahallas.
During the event, the issues of formation of the Republican Council for Coordinating the Activity of Citizens’ Self-Government Bodies, drafting its charter and symbol, election of chairmen and members of the executive structure of the Council and the Audit Commission were considered.
Also, in order to provide methodological support for the introduction of a system of public control aimed at further improving the spiritual and moral atmosphere in the mahallas, a group of public control was established under the Republican Council and its membership was approved.
Each of the delegates of the forum expressed their views on the consistent realization of the priorities outlined in the President’s decree and the decisions taken at the conference on the transformation of citizens’ self-government bodies into the people’s structure closest to the people.
Prime Minister of the Republic of Uzbekistan Abdulla Aripov, State Advisor of the President of Uzbekistan Rustam Kamilov took part in the conference.
(Source: «Uzbekistan Today» newspaper)

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