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September 12, 2017

Test batch of automobile tires produced at FEZ Angren

Uzbekistan: Innovations in the textile industry

In touch with the world

Modern Parks As Decoration of Uzbekistan

Soloist from among the Soloists

Uzbekistan: Investments Reach Football


Test batch of automobile tires produced at FEZ Angren
A new plant for production of conveyor belts, agricultural and automobile tires in the territory of free economic zone Angren produced a test batch of automobile tires, Uzkimyosanoat (Uzbek Chemical Industry) said.
According to the company, today the process of construction of the plant entered the final stage, equipment and commissioning works are being implemented at an accelerated pace. The plant will be commissioned in November 2017.
Construction of the plant for production of conveyor belts, agricultural and automobile tires in the territory of FEZ Angren started in August 2015. The cost of the project is US$183.96 million.
The plant’s capacity will be 100,000 meters of conveyor belts, 200,000 units of agricultural tires and 3 million units of car tires.
The contract for construction of a rubber products factory on a turnkey basis was signed between Directorate for Construction of a Rubber Products Factory and Poly Technologies Inc. (China) in August 2014.
The founders of the enterprise are Uzkimyosanoat (50%), Uzavtosanoat (30%), Almalyk Mining and Metallurgy Combine (10%) and Navoi Mining and Metallurgical Company (10%).


Uzbekistan: Innovations in the textile industry
On September 13-15 this year, international exhibitions specializing in the textile industry will be held at Uzexpocentre.
“CAITME 2017” and “Textile Expo Uzbekistan 2017” international exhibitions will become a platform where the latest achievements in the sphere of textile production will be demonstrated, and representatives of companies in the industry, specialists of the sphere, fashion designers will become able to exchange opinions and experience. It was reported at the press conference held at Hyatt Regency Tashkent hotel.
The textile industry is developing at a dynamic pace due to favorable business climate created in our country, promising investment projects are being implemented in the industry. As a result, the share of light industry in the national economy is growing every year.
“CAITME 2017” and “Textile Expo Uzbekistan 2017” international exhibitions held by ITE Uzbekistan International Exhibition Company and ITE Group (Great Britain) with support of the Ministry of Foreign Trade of the Republic of Uzbekistan, “Uzbekyengilsanoat” JSC, “Osiyo ramzi” Association of Fashion Designers of Uzbekistan will play an important role in expanding the potential of our country in light industry, developing cooperation with leading companies of the world.
Over 350 companies from more than 20 countries such as Austria, Belarus, Germany, Great Britain, India, Italy, Spain, Uzbekistan will present their products at the exhibitions this year.
(Source: UzA)


In touch with the world
A meeting with World Bank representatives led by Oleg Petrov, Senior Coordinator of ICT projects at the WB headquarters, has taken place in Uzbekistan. The sides discussed the prospects of joint implementation of projects in digital economy and e-government.
They paid close attention to the prospects of participation of Uzbekistan in the regional project Digital CASA, which is aimed at creation of a cross-border telecommunications network that will connect the countries of Central and South Asia into a single digital hub. It is supposed that this step will improve Internet access for the landlocked countries, as well as develop their transit capacity. Digital CASA is a counterpart of the CASA-1000 energy project, and equally ambitious at that.
It is built on the idea to connect two regions with the fiber-optic line. Kyrgyzstan, Tajikistan, Uzbekistan, Afghanistan and Pakistan are the potential participants. The expected effect has been already designated - residents of the post-Soviet south will get access to cheap broadband Internet through alternative networks.
The development of software products in the Innovation Center, training of highly professional IT specialists, development of the postal industry and others were proposed as priority areas of cooperation.
Following the meeting, it is scheduled to continue consultations to study promising projects on digital economy and e-government, proceeding from the priorities of the development of our country with the maximum use of the World Bank capacity.
(Source: «Uzbekistan Today» newspaper)


Modern Parks As Decoration of Uzbekistan
From the early days of independence, Uzbekistan has been creating conditions for cultural recreation and interesting leisure of the population. It is important to not just create and decorate new parks at the level of modern requirements, but also engage entrepreneurs and sponsors in that.
Well-organized parks decorate our cities and districts, improve health, promote a good rest and elevate the spirits. The cultural and enlightenment activities in parks expand the outlook, bring up the younger generation in the spirit of love and loyalty to the Motherland, respect for national values. It is also important that they maintain clean environment.
Taking into account the relevance of this issue, President Shavkat Mirziyoyev spoke about the forthcoming mass construction of culture and recreation parks yet in his pre-election speeches in various regions of the republic in November-December last year. The Strategy of
Action for Five Priority Development Areas of Uzbekistan in 2017-2021 assigns a big part to this issue as well. The national program ‘The Year of Dialogue with the People and of Human Interests’ envisages the reconstruction of a hundred of active parks, and construction of dozens of new ones by the end of this year. They have been commissioned in different regions of our country in a short time after the adoption of the policy document. New parks opened in many regions of the republic on the threshold of Independence Day. It is great that both the adults and the youngest residents of Uzbekistan welcome the innovations with joy.
For example, the ‘Oltin Sohil Park’ was opened in the Altynkul district of the Andijan region in the middle of August. It is obviously the largest in the region, and does not yield to that of Andijan in scale and scope. The huge territory of 5.5 hectares is a true paradise for those who like active entertainment, cultural recreation and sports.
Some amusement rides in the park have no counterparts in the region. They amaze both children and adults: a huge ‘Ferris Wheel’, colorful rides for the youngest, dynamic starships, and intricate labyrinths. In short, everyone can find entertainment to his liking.
The park infrastructure includes several cafes with a range of delicious sweets: ice cream, cakes, juices, drinks. Musical fountains please the eye and ear, and a luxurious amphitheater is meant for the concerts, festive evenings and entertainment events. There is a parking for such occasions.
The shady park offers areas for leisurely evening walks and recreation. Elderly visitors prefer recreation areas in the national style - traditional trestle beds, combined with sun-protected arbors. There are many symbolic installations, landscape compositions and a flowering garden.
They attract all people regardless of age. It is worth mentioning that the park is surrounded by a lake on all sides, which gives coolness even on hot days, and creates a wonderful scene. The large-scale project was completed in a short time, five months. The President entrusted the National Bank of Uzbekistan to implement his idea. A Chinese industrial company delivered 22 modern amusement rides under the project. The arrival of ten more new attractions from abroad is expected at the second stage of implementation of the important initiative. An extravaganza of water entertainments - a covered water park, designed for 500 people, with attractions for children and adults will appear very soon in the Altynkul Park.
Residents of Namangan have received a similar gift for the holiday - a central ecopark ‘Matkarim Aziz’. A large recreation area was built near the artificial lake on the territory of 2,5 hectares. It is a concentration of all possible elements for active and comfortable leisure: a park of modern amusement rides for adults and children, cafes, sports grounds, water entertainments, peculiar landscape compositions.
The new park pleases the eye with the original space design: the old fountain was replaced with an installation in the form of a metal ribbon with oriental patterns. A lake with a pier is another picturesque place. It will very soon offer catamaran rides to the delight of amateurs of water walks. There is also a summer cafe on the pier.
A small islet surrounded by trees is located in the center of the lake. The project authors see it as ideal venue for festive events. There is also a stage where Uzbek stars will perform on holidays.
A new park named after our great ancestor Zahiriddin Babur was opened in Mirzo-Ulugbek district of Tashkent in mid June at the initiative of the head of state. The ecology park was laid on an area of 12 hectares of peculiar landscape design. Its reservoirs and sports grounds were created in line with specific ecological architectural and construction requirements. The tools and structures promote healthy lifestyle. An open training area, badminton, volleyball, tennis and football grounds, bicycle tracks, children’s playgrounds have already been occupied by children, boys and girls who love sports, children of Mehribonlik mercy homes.
A yoga terrace and front gardens afford a unique air to the park. Located at other gates of the park, an unusual fountain has an absolutely a unique design in the form of a silver circle, and can not be found anywhere else in the capital. It reflects our sunny, fertile land. Crystal drops seemingly rain from the fountain top, which mirrors the surrounding space. An observation deck offers a beautiful view. A small islet in the center of the park is designed for various cultural and enlightenment events, creative meetings.
The opening of the upgraded part of the Babylon Water Park took place in Samarkand.
Swimming pools for adults and children are located on an area of 4.5 hectares. There is a special zone for women and 35 water attractions.
According to the organizers, the introduction of upgraded systems for visitors’ convenience is a requirement of the time. This is why children’s water attractions were installed on a total area of about 1,000 square meters in the Samarkand Babylon. The know-how is a new format and solution in the construction of water parks in our country.
The opening ceremony was attended by guests and residents of the Samarkand region.
“We are thrilled to know about opening a water park in Samarkand. Now we have our own Babylon. I have come with three children, and we are absolutely happy! It is always great to have parks and water parks, but the leisure turns perfect when all the peculiarities are considered and taken into account. There are swimming pools for everyone, and so many attractions! We will regularly visit this leisure center, says Gavhar Murodova.
Preparation works for the winter season are currently underway. Additional swimming pools are being built and new attractions are installed. Six ecology friendly mini steam baths and a playground for mini-football are currently at the stage of introduction.
There are cafes and specialized catering facilities in the water park, which offer national and European dishes and soft drinks. All works for the year-round operation of the water park will be completed in early autumn.
Amir Temur Culture and Recreation Park was put into operation after reconstruction on the threshold of the Independence Day in Nukus. New parks appeared in Shumanay and Karauzak districts of Karakalpakstan.
The commissioning of a park in Shumanay district caused enthusiasm among residents. From now and on, they will not have to travel 60 km to get to the city of Nukus to the closest amusement park.
Its opening ceremony took place on the threshold of celebration of Independence Day in a festiveatmosphere with the participation of Uzbek pop stars.
The park was built with the use of advanced technologies to ensure the leisure of both children and their parents. The total area of six hectares is home to 21 children’s attractions, there is a separate area for adults, cafes, public catering facilities, as well as a large parking for cars. The total project cost exceeded 4.7 billion soums (currency rates of CB RU from 12.09.2017, 1$=8092,13 soums).
“For us as parents, this is the realization of the long-cherished dream. It was always a problem to bring children to the park. We had to wait for a special occasion, for holidays. Now, we have our own park, so we have a chance to spend more time with our children and, most importantly, see their smiles” a visitor Farrukh Ziyodov shared his impressions.
Thus, the Shumanay Park has become another venue of culture and recreation on the map of the Karakalpak region. The park is perfect for family holidays, picnics and sports at any time of the year. It is expected that all the works on equipping the facility will be completed in early autumn.
New parks have also been opened in various regions of the republic in early September, as part of celebration of the state independence. For example, the Alisher Navoi Park in Qarshi is an interesting sight of the Kashkadarya region. It offers an exciting round-the- world trip in miniature: there are many samples of famous structures from around the world, and unique national monuments of history and architecture on its territory. They are the Eiffel Tower, the Colosseum, the Chichen Itza pyramid, the Kremlin, the Pisa Tower, Big Ben, the Great Wall of China, the Taj Mahal Mausoleum, famous minarets of Kalta Minor and Chor Minor, the Oksaroy Palace and the Registan complex. 30 glowing benches, a variety of colors of which do not repeat, rank among other unique features of the park. Some park rides offer breathtaking sensations that absolutely enrapture. A 46.8 meter ‘Free Fall Tower’ and a 330 meter high-speed rollercoaster with dizzying turns are the most extreme ones. A game labyrinth for small guests is a safe and fascinating entertainment. There is also a swimming lake in summer, a flower garden, and a fountain.
The first official air-balloon flight was the centerpiece of the grand opening of the Madina Muhlisa Star Park in the Uchtepa district of the capital, which was also held on the eve of the Independence Day.
On the opening day, the ball rose above the territory and held on for a long time. Everything was organized in compliance with all the rules and safety requirements. Prior to the event, training flights were conducted in the countryside. According to experts, the entire launch program met all the requirements for such events, and the flight on a thermal balloon is the safest type of active recreation.
It is worth mentioning that the balloon itself is impressive: its height equals to a five-story house, and the volume is 3,000 cubic meters. The balloon basket is woven of rattan rods and designed for four people and one pilot. The fuel kit includes four gas cylinders (80 liters of propane each), which is enough to hold on in the air all day long. The ball rises into the sky due to the ingress of warm air, pumped by a flaring gas burner. As the required altitude is set, the combustion is attenuated to give the ball a trajectory for a moderate flight or descend.
So far, the launch of the balloon can be regarded as an official start of this kind of attractions in the republic. However, this is the first step in the implementation of the aeronautics development program in Uzbekistan, which is also supported by the NBU.
Madina Muhlisa Star Park pleases its visitors with a diversity of up-to- date amusement rides and gaming machines that raise the intellectual capacity of children, and other entertainment areas, which promise to become a favorite place of recreation. There are 22 modern, safe, energy-saving attractions and four gaming machines. It is also planned to build a swimming pool, two fountains, a special zone for book amateurs, a skating arena, a flower greenhouse, three retail outlets, parking lots and other infrastructure facilities. That all will be decorated with a wall waterfall, exotic botanical garden, a cafe in the form of a large ship, benches, trampolines, lanterns and arbors.
Today, there are 225 culture and recreation parks across the country. In the near future (taking into account the opening of new ones), this number will increase significantly. This all suggest titanic efforts in this direction, which have been taken in record short terms. Many new parks appeared on the abandoned territories. They are equipped with modern park equipment. Unique attractions have required significant financial costs.
Owing to the diligent and prompt efforts of urban and regional municipalities, banking structures, as well as entrepreneurs who expressed interest in this business, the idea of the head of state is successfully coming true.
The contribution of the National Bank of Uzbekistan to this initiative is significant. The bank staffs have turned into experts in construction and organization of parks of culture and recreation. On the assignment of the head of Uzbekistan, they prepared specific proposals and developed a target program on the commissioning of new parks. The majority of 46 items of the program have already been implemented, and the rest will be carried out by the end of the year.
New parks in different regions of the country, whether in megalopolises or in a remote rural district, will undoubtedly become the territories of joy and happiness for children and adults.
They share much of greenery and shade, offer children’s and sports grounds, ponds and fountains, advanced attractions, enrapturing their visitors. All that is backed by painstaking and responsible work of various organizations...
This is not the limit! The construction of new parks and overhaul of the operating ones, supply of advanced attractions will be continued at the same rapid pace, and expanded. The Government has set the task that each, even a small town and district of the country should have at least one modern culture and recreation park, with all possible conditions for leisure.
(Source: «Uzbekistan Today» newspaper)


Soloist from among the Soloists
A graduate of the State Conservatory of Uzbekistan, laureate of the international contest Ilhom Shoismatov, at his 26, is already a soloist of the Soloists of Uzbekistan Chamber Orchestra. He has worked in the Youth Symphony Orchestra of Uzbekistan, Young Talents of Uzbekistan and Turkiston Chamber Orchestras. More than 16 years of life he dedicated to the play in violin, but admits that work on self improvement is just beginning.
There are no musicians and those belonging to the art in his family, just once the parents, after seeing the delight of a nine-year- old son after the concert of the National Symphony Orchestra, asked him if he would like to study music?
“I was always obedient, diligent in my studies. And, of course, he agreed,” Ilhom said. “I chose a violin, although I did not understand anything at all, I just liked the way it sounds. At first it was very hard, at this age I want to play with my friends, and not write a music note and learn scales. But, as it turned out, the violin, although it stood at that time on the way to children’s amusements, eventually gave something much more: what started as a hobby turned into a real goal of life.”
Already during his studies at the Gliere and Uspensky Republican Specialized Music Academic Lyceums, according to the young musician, a conscious love for the violin and music appeared. Then Ilkhom studied in the State Conservatory, which he graduated in 2014.
Even during the study the young musician was invited to the Young Talents of Uzbekistan Chamber Orchestra. After the study in the State Conservatory, he started working in the Youth Symphony Orchestra, and then worked for more than a year and a half in the Turkiston Chamber Orchestra. Well, when he received an offer of cooperation with the Soloists of Uzbekistan Orchestra, he could not believe for a long time that his dream came true.
“In the future I want to participate in various music competitions. And this requires a good professional school and a team, especially if you are a soloist,” he says. “Being a part of the Soloists of Uzbekistan Orchestra is a great honor, as well as an opportunity to represent your country at the most prestigious competitions.”
Ilkhom considers his teachers as one of the main ‘reasons’ for success. Those people who introduced him to the basics of the game, taught feeling music, reading the mood of the work, and not just follow the notes in the right order. And he is infinitely grateful to his beloved Uzbekistan.
“Independence for me is not only that we live in a beautiful and peaceful country. For young people, especially creative, all opportunities are created, we have a choice. Everyone who has a goal in life, the desire to reach professional heights, can work in various orchestras, participate in festivals and competitions,” Ilhom said.
The main source of inspiration for the violinist is the classics. His idols are Bach, Beethoven, Mozart and Tchaikovsky. Their works, generally recognized masterpieces of musical art, he always performs with special joy.
But now Ilhom has less time for playing at his pleasure. The previous concert season only ended, but the Soloists of Uzbekistan Chamber Orchestra has already started rehearsing the new program. In the new season, which opens this September, Ilhom Shoismatov will perform Concerto No.1 for Cello and Orchestra in C major by Joseph Haydn and many other orchestral works.
(Source: «Uzbekistan Today» newspaper)


Uzbekistan: Investments Reach Football
A foreign company SFI Management Group is to purchase 80% of the authorized share in the football club Pakhtakor.
The foreigners will get a controlling stake at zero redemption value under the terms of fulfilling investment obligations. More specifically, SFI Management Group has committed to invest at least 200 billion soums (currency rates of CB RU from 12.09.2017, 1$=8092,13 soums) within five years in the construction, reconstruction, overhaul of the club’s buildings and facilities, and bring them in line with international standards.
The investor will be fully entitled to dispose 80% of the share in the statutory fund solely after fulfilling all investment obligations. At the same time, a 20% stake will remain a property of the Tashkent municipality.
The head of state released the football club from all taxes and mandatory contributions to state trust funds, as well as a single social payment in terms of income in the form of wages paid to foreign specialists, by January 1, 2023.
The foreigners were also exempted from paying personal income tax in terms of the income earned as part of the employment contracts concluded by the club.
Previously, the media reported about the interest in purchasing the club by the famous Russian businessman of Uzbek origin Alisher Usmanov.
Representatives of the club have already made several ambitious statements on their further development. Within two years, it is planned to demolish the old stadium and replace it with a new indoor super-modern arena for 30,000 seats.
The construction is tentatively scheduled for early next year. Experts are currently studying the infrastructure and operation of sports arenas in certain foreign countries.
(Source: «Uzbekistan Today» newspaper)

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