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September 20, 2017

On September 19, 2017 the President of the Republic of Uzbekistan Shavkat Mirziyoyev addressed the general debate of the 72nd session of the United Nations General Assembly

President of Uzbekistan received the Managing Director of the International Monetary Fund

Statement by IMF Managing Director Christine Lagarde on Uzbekistan

President of the Republic of Uzbekistan met with American businesspersons

President of Uzbekistan Shavkat Mirziyoyev met with UN High Commissioner for Human Rights

A maquette of Registan Square is installed in the UN building

ICT Week: prospects and priorities

Visit of the delegation of the Armed Forces of the Islamic Republic of Pakistan

Uzbekistan transfers humanitarian aid for Myanmar refugees

Kashkadarya: the oasis which has blossomed under the sun of independence


On September 19, 2017 the President of the Republic of Uzbekistan Shavkat Mirziyoyev addressed the general debate of the 72nd session of the United Nations General Assembly
Dear Mr. Chairman!
Your Excellencies!
Ladies and Gentlemen!
Allow me to express my sincere gratitude for the opportunity to speak from the high rostrum of the United Nations.
A few weeks ago, our people broadly celebrated the 26th anniversary of Uzbekistan’s state independence.
Today, Uzbekistan is rapidly developing. Carefully preserving the wisdom of past generations, we are consciously going towards resolute reforms and are committed to forming a new image of the country.
The political activity is growing with profound reforms are being implemented in all spheres. Their goal is to build a democratic state and a just society, where the priority is implementation of a simple and clear principle – “The human interests come first”.
Following the results of the nationwide discussion, the five-year Development Strategy of Uzbekistan was adopted. While developing it, as if we have looked at ourselves from outside, so as not only to objectively assess our potential and opportunities, but also pay a close attention to our failures and mistakes.
The strategy is the program of real actions of renewal. It is already being put into practice.
We have declared the year 2017 as the Year of Dialogue with People and Human Interests in our country. Our goal is to strengthen the mechanisms that make the people’s power in the country not nominal, but real.
We are deeply convinced: the people must not serve the government bodies, rather the government bodies must serve the people.
We have established the Virtual and People’s Reception Offices of the President all over the country. Over a million of citizens have resolved their urgent problems with the help of these Reception Offices.
In cooperation with the International Labor Organization, we have taken effective measures to eradicate the child and forced labor.
Following the visit of the UN High Commissioner for Human Rights Mr. A1 Hussein, a program of measures to strengthen the guarantees of human rights protection was developed.
We have abolished such an outdated legacy of the past as exit visas, which were limiting the freedom of movement.
An open dialogue with national and international non-governmental organizations on protection of human rights is being intensified.
Proceeding from the principles of humanism, many individual cases of detention of persons in custody have been reviewed. The stumbled citizens who came under the influence of the ideology of extremism are undergoing a social rehabilitation with conditions being created for them to return to a normal life.
Now the activities of all law enforcement agencies in terms of protection of human rights and freedoms are under constant parliamentary and civil supervision.
The role of political parties and civil society is growing, and the true independence of the judiciary is being ensured. The role of mass media has significantly increased.
The most important vector of reforms is liberalization of the economic system and creation of favorable investment climate. We proceed from one simple truth: the richer the people are - the stronger shall be the state.
From the beginning of this month, Uzbekistan has completely switched to free conversion of the national currency. Along with this, all necessary measures are taken to mitigate any possible negative consequences for the population.
For the first time the Institute of the Ombudsman for the Protection of the Rights of Entrepreneurs was established. The taxes on business were significantly reduced. The access of business to credits was expanded. New free economic zones have been launched, where investors are granted extensive benefits.
The cooperation with international financial institutions is successfully developing and partnership with the European Bank for Reconstruction and Development was renewed.
I want to note that the content of the Strategy is fully consistent with the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals.
Dear participants of the session!
We are convinced that the United Nations must continue to play a central role in international relations, Uzbekistan stands for its gradual reform. We believe that, in accordance with the realities of the modem world, the Security Council needs to be expanded. We support the steps taken by the new leadership of the United Nations to improve the system of its management.
I want to confirm -Uzbekistan will continue close partnership with the UN structures. We are determined to ensure the practical implementation of the “road map” developed following the recent visit of Secretary-General Antonio Guterres to Uzbekistan.
Ladies and Gentlemen!
Today, Uzbekistan considers the region of Central Asia to be as the main priority of its foreign policy. And this is a conscious choice.
Being in the heart of Central Asia, Uzbekistan is keenly interested in the region to become a zone of stability, sustainable development and good-neighborliness.
A peaceful and economically prosperous Central Asia is our most important goal and key task.
Uzbekistan is determined to engage in dialogue, constructive interaction and strengthening the good-neighborliness.
We stand ready for reasonable compromises with the countries of Central Asia on all issues without exception.
Thanks to joint efforts in recent months, the level of political confidence has significantly increased in the region. Fundamentally important decisions on many issues were found.
Signing the Treaty on the State border between Uzbekistan and Kyrgyzstan in early September this year became a truly landmark event. A breakthrough in this very sensitive issue achieved for the first time in 26 years became possible thanks to political will demonstrated by parties and the readiness to find mutually acceptable solutions.
In a word, absolutely new political atmosphere was created in the region in a short period of time.
I believe that holding the regular consultation meetings of the heads of Central Asian states would facilitate the consolidation of this trend.
We intend to discuss the fundamental problems of the region at the High-Level International Conference “Central Asia: One Past and Common Future, Cooperation for Sustainable Development and Prosperity” to be held under the aegis of the United Nations in Samarkand in November.
Based on its results, we intend to make a proposal on the adoption of a special resolution of the General Assembly in support of the efforts of the states of Central Asia in terms of ensuring security and enhancing regional cooperation.
We count on the support of this proposal by the leadership of the United Nations and the international community.
Distinguished Mr. Chairman!
Speaking about the problems of ensuring security and stability in Central Asia, one cannot overlook such an important issue as the joint use of the region’s shared water resources.
We fully share the position of the UN Secretary-General that “the problems of water, peace and security are inextricably linked”.
I am convinced that there is no alternative to addressing the water problem other than equally taking into account the interests of the countries and nations of the region.
Uzbekistan supports the draft conventions on the use of water resources of the Amudarya and Syrdarya river basins developed by the United Nations Regional Center for Preventive Diplomacy.
I would like to once again draw your attention to one of the most acute ecological problems of our time - the Aral Sea catastrophe.
I am holding the map of the Aral tragedy in my hands. I believe, comments are unnecessary here.
Overcoming the consequences of desiccation of the sea requires today the active consolidation of international efforts.
We stand for full implementation of the special UN Program to provide effective assistance to the population affected by the Aral Sea crisis adopted this year.
Ladies and Gentlemen!
Stabilization of the situation in Afghanistan is an important condition to ensure not only regional but global security, as well.
We are convinced that the only way to peace in Afghanistan is a direct dialogue among the central government and main domestic political forces without preconditions.
The negotiations should be Afghan-led on the territory of Afghanistan and under the auspices of the United Nations. The wise Afghan people have the right to independently define their own destiny.
We support the appeal of the administration of the U.S. President Mr. Donald Trump to Afghanistan’s neighbor-states to promote the peace process of the inter-Afghan settlement.
Uzbekistan has been making and will continue its contribution to the economic reconstruction of Afghanistan, development of its transport and energy infrastructure, training of national personnel.
I am convinced that Afghanistan must remain at the heart of the global agenda.
The efforts of the international community should primarily be aimed at resolving acute social and economic problems of Afghanistan.
Our common determination to promote peace in this long-suffering country should not be weakened.
Dear participants of the session!
The aggravation of terrorist threats in the world, especially in recent years, indicates that the use of mainly forceful methods of counteraction does not justify itself.
Often the efforts are reduced to combating the consequences of challenges, rather than their root causes. I believe that along with other factors, ignorance and intolerance are at the heart of international terrorism and extremism.
In this regard, the most important task is to fight for the minds of people, especially young people.
Most of the crimes linked with extremist activity and violence are committed by the people under the age of 30.
Today’s youth is the largest generation in the history of mankind totaling 2 billion people.
The planet’s future and well-being depend on what kind of people our children will grow up into.
Our key task is to provide conditions for self-realization of the youth, create a barrier against the spread of the "virus" of the ideology of violence.
We believe that for this we need to develop the multilateral cooperation in the sphere of social support of the younger generation, protection of its rights and interests.
In this regard, Uzbekistan proposes to develop the UN International Convention on the Rights of Youth - a unified international legal instrument aimed at the formation and implementation of youth policy in the conditions of globalization and rapid development of information and communication technologies.
In our opinion, the signatory-states must make firm commitments to raise this sphere to the level of one of the main, vital priorities of their social policy.
We consider communicating the truly humanistic essence of Islam to a broad world community as the most important task.
We cherish our sacred religion as the focal point of time-honored values. We strongly condemn and we will never reconcile with those who rank our great faith together with violence and bloodshed.
Islam calls us to kindness and peace, preservation of a genuine human beginning.
I would like to especially note the invaluable contribution of a whole galaxy of outstanding representatives of the Central Asian Renaissance to the development of the Islamic and world civilization.
One of them - Imam Bukhari is acclaimed all over the world as the author of “Sahib A1-Bukhari”, the second most important book in Islam after the Koran.
In order to preserve and study his richest legacy, disseminate his teachings on enlightened Islam, we decided to establish the Imam Bukhari International Research Center in Samarkand.
The activities of the Center for Islamic Civilization, which is being established in Tashkent, will contribute to implementation of this task.
I would like to address the participants of today’s session with a proposal to adopt a special resolution of the General Assembly “Education and religious tolerance”.
Its main goal is to promote universal access to education, eradicate illiteracy and ignorance.
It is designed to promote tolerance and mutual respect, ensure religious freedom, protect the rights of believers, and prevent their discrimination.
Ladies and gentlemen!
While maintaining the non-aligned status, Uzbekistan is open to dialogue. We are interested in expanding cooperation with all partners in the name of peace, progress and prosperity.
In this we see a decisive condition for the successful implementation of the most important tasks of reforms carried out in our country, the main goal of which is a human, his needs and interests.
Thank you for your attention!
(Source: UzA)

President of Uzbekistan received the Managing Director of the International Monetary Fund
On September 19, the President of the Republic of Uzbekistan Shavkat Mirziyoyev received the Managing Director of the International Monetary Fund Christine Lagarde, in New York.
The head of our state, expressing his satisfaction with the meeting, noted that the International Monetary Fund plays an important role in improving the situation in the world economy.
The Fund supports economic reforms in our country. In May this year, the delegation of Uzbekistan held a meeting at the International Monetary Fund on monetary policy reforms. In July and September, experts of the fund visited Uzbekistan and exchanged views on economic reforms with the heads of ministries and departments.
The Managing Director of the Fund congratulated the head of our state on successful implementation of economic and structural reforms in accordance with the Strategy of actions on five priority areas of development of the Republic of Uzbekistan in 2017-2021.
Market mechanisms were introduced into currency circulation by the decree of the President of our country “On priority measures for liberalization of monetary policy” of September 2, 2017, which eliminated administrative barriers in the sphere and created equal opportunities for business entities.
Christine Lagarde noted that particular importance attached to ensuring the stability of the economy and social life in the process of large-scale reforms implemented in Uzbekistan under the leadership of President Shavkat Mirziyoyev deserves high attention.
Measures taken on supporting the state bodies and commercial banks in the process of currency reform, reducing tariffs in trade, protecting socially vulnerable segments of the population were considered. Special attention was paid to such further tasks as ensuring surplus execution of the State budget, radical improvement of tax administration and state statistics, ensuring stability of the banking system, liberalization of foreign trade policy.
At the meeting, views were exchanged on expanding cooperation between Uzbekistan and the International Monetary Fund, improving the business environment and investment climate in our country.
Christine Lagarde expressed readiness of the International Monetary Fund to support the measures implemented in the financial system of Uzbekistan by providing technical assistance and recommendations on issues of economic policy.
(Source: UzA)

Statement by IMF Managing Director Christine Lagarde on Uzbekistan
Ms. Christine Lagarde, Managing Director of the International Monetary Fund (IMF), issued the following statement after a meeting with Mr. Shavkat Mirziyoyev, President of the Republic of Uzbekistan, in New York today:
“It was a pleasure to meet President Mirziyoyev and his delegation. Uzbekistan’s authorities are embarking on ambitious reforms, spearheaded by the recent foreign exchange reform. We very much welcome these initiatives, which are vital to strengthening the economy, creating more jobs, and achieving sustainable and inclusive growth.
“I congratulated President Mirziyoyev on his initiatives to improve regional cooperation with Uzbekistan’s neighbors. Regional cooperation is much needed to deal with the region’s biggest challenges, such as sharing water resources, creating an efficient regional energy grid, and facilitating transportation.
“Uzbekistan’s reform journey will be challenging and long. I reiterated the Fund’s commitment to partner with Uzbekistan in its journey to put the economy on a higher growth path and achieve better living standards for its people.”
(Source: UzA)

President of the Republic of Uzbekistan met with American businesspersons
President of the Republic of Uzbekistan Shavkat Mirziyoyev received the heads of the leading companies of the United States, in New York. The meeting was attended by Chairman of the American – Uzbekistan Chamber of Commerce Carolyn Lamm, President of General Electric Company Ron Pollett, President and CEO of Honeywell Rajeev Gautam, Vice President of CNH Industrial Naderni Steve, President of Deere & Company James Field.
The head of our state, warmly welcoming the business people, noted that the trade-economic and investment cooperation between Uzbekistan and the United States of America is consistently developing, the American – Uzbekistan Chamber of Commerce has become an important mechanism for supporting and implementing joint projects.
Shavkat Mirziyoyev in his conversation with Carolyn Lamm noted that the Concept of administrative reform was adopted in our country in accordance with the Strategy of actions on five priority areas of development of the Republic of Uzbekistan in 2017-2021. This document will serve the establishment of a new, efficient and qualitatively functioning system of public administration, organization of well-coordinated activities of the state governing bodies and executive authorities at places.
Introduction of market mechanisms of currency circulation in our country, elimination of various obstacles in the sphere of trade, further improvement of business environment and the investment climate were noted.
During the conversation with Ron Pollett, it was proposed to expand cooperation between Uzbekistan and General Electric Company, in particular, to implement the program of technical renewal, modernization and development of gas transportation system of Uzbekistan in 2018-2025. Issues of construction of hydroelectric power stations, organization of production of modern medical equipment and lighting devices in our country were discussed.
At the meeting with Naderni Steve, the organization of production of harvesting, meliorative and road-building machinery, as well as agricultural machinery working on gas in Uzbekistan together with CNH Industrial, was discussed.
During the conversation with the President and CEO of Honeywell, Rajeev Gautam, views were exchanged on issues of implementation of high-tech joint projects in petrochemical and energy sectors, supply of aviation equipment.
At the meeting with James Field, issues of further development of cooperation with Deere & Company, in particular, organization of tractors and special equipment production used in fruit and vegetable growing and viticulture in our country, localization of their spare parts, organization of a specialized training center, were discussed.
President Shavkat Mirziyoyev noted that the forthcoming Uzbekistan – US business forum, which will be held on September 20, will become a great event and will promote further strengthening of relations between the businessmen of the two countries, discussing promising joint projects and achieving mutually beneficial agreements.
Representatives of the American – Uzbekistan Chamber of Commerce confirmed their readiness to actively participate in implementation of joint programs and projects with Uzbekistan.
(Source: UzA)

President of Uzbekistan Shavkat Mirziyoyev met with UN High Commissioner for Human Rights
On September 19, 2017, President of the Republic of Uzbekistan Shavkat Mirziyoyev met with the United Nations High Commissioner for Human Rights Zeid Ra’ad Al Hussein, at the UN Headquarters in New York.
The President of Uzbekistan expressed strong commitment of our country to further development of civil society and building of a truly democratic state.
Shavkat Mirziyoyev expressed his gratitude to the High Commissioner for his support of fundamental transformations in Uzbekistan within the framework of the Development Strategy of Uzbekistan for 2017-2021.
The High Commissioner reiterated his support for the reforms being implemented in Uzbekistan. He underlined that the Development Strategy of Uzbekistan in 2017-2021 provides an impressive basis for fundamental transformations.
Zeid Ra’ad Al Hussein highly appraised the outcomes of his visit to Uzbekistan in May 2017, which gave a new impetus to further expansion and deepening of constructive and open dialogue between our country and the OHCHR. In June, the Parliament adopted the Action Plan on cooperation with the Office of High Commissioner, containing more than 90 activities. Intensive interaction with the OHCHR Regional Office in Bishkek is developing. In early September, the Head of this Office visited Uzbekistan. The visit of Ahmed Shaheed, the UN Special Rapporteur on freedom of religion or belief, to Uzbekistan is scheduled at the end of September.
Zeid Ra’ad Al Hussein expressed his gratitude to Shavkat Mirziyoyev for the invitation to the International Conference on ensuring security and sustainable development in Central Asia, to be held on November 10-11, 2017 in Samarkand.
(Source: UzA)

A maquette of Registan Square is installed in the UN building
The United Nations received a gift from the Republic of Uzbekistan – a maquette of the Registan Square.
President Shavkat Mirziyoyev took part and spoke at the event organized in this connection.
The event was attended by UN Under-Secretary-General for Management Jan Beagle, diplomats who arrived at the session of the General Assembly, employees of the UN information center.
There is deep meaning in installing the maquette of the Registan complex in the UN building. In our country – one of the cradles of human civilization – science, culture, trade, architecture and craftsmanship have been developed since ancient times. In Samarkand, located in the center of the Great Silk Road, people from all over the world lived in peace and harmony, Registan became a unique symbol of this ancient world-famous city. In 2001 the complex was included in the UNESCO World Heritage List.
Registan is still the center of attraction for tourists from all over the world. “Sharq taronalari” international music festival that is held here, further enhances the glory of the city and its role in strengthening friendship of people.
The maquette of Registan Square is made by craftsmen of our country, decorated with precious metals and stones.
A maquette of Registan Square is installed in the UN building
This showpiece is installed in one of the most prominent places of the UN Headquarters – in the passage between the halls of the Security Council and the UN General Assembly.
UN Under-Secretary-General for Management Jan Beagle expressed her deep gratitude to the President of our country for such a wonderful and valuable gift.
The ceremony was covered by the UN channels.
(Source: UzA)


ICT Week: prospects and priorities
The traditional Week of information and communication technologies – “ICTWEEK Uzbekistan – 2017” has started in Uzbekistan. It will last until September 22 of this year and merge a number of events aimed at further improving the IT industry and presentation of the latest achievements in the field of communication and information.
In the modern world, ICTs play a leading role in innovative development, increasing the productivity and competitiveness of the economy, its diversification, stimulating business activity, ultimately – in a qualitative growth in the standard of living of the population. In recent years, systemic reforms have been implemented in Uzbekistan on introduction of ICT in all spheres, including state governing bodies. The decree of the President of the Republic of Uzbekistan Shavkat Mirziyoyev “On measures of radically improving conditions for the development of information technologies industry in the republic” of June 30, 2017 was adopted in order to further develop the production of competitive software products in accordance with international standards in the country, support domestic developers, increase the export of ICT products.
The ICT Week, traditionally held since 2004, is of great importance in further development of the IT industry in Uzbekistan.
The ICT Week will be opened by the ICT Summit, which will be held on September 19. Its participants will discuss the trends of the digital economy, fundamental development of ICT in the global digital transformation, the impact of broadband Internet access on the ICT infrastructure, “industry 4.0”, the role of artificial intelligence in the digital economy. The summit will be attended by famous foreign experts and scientists in the spheres of IT, commerce, finance and economy.
The program of the event will be continued by “CIOSUMMIT”, within the framework of which presentations will be presented on the platform for the Internet of things (IoT) and machine learning, digital transformation, presentation of the project.
The brightest event of the ICT Week will be the national exhibition of information and communication technologies “ICTExpo – 2017”, which will be held on September 19-21 in the city of Tashkent.
“ICT FORUM – 2017” is among the planned events of the week. Issues of using cloud technologies for improving the interaction of cloud services, mobile education and the future of education, artificial intelligence and cybersecurity will be discussed within the framework of the forum’s meetings.
Regional workshop of the International Telecommunication Union devoted to key aspects of cybersecurity in the context of the Internet of things “IoT” will also be held in Uzbekistan for the first time. It will be attended by domestic specialists, experts from Moldova, Ukraine, Kazakhstan and Russia, as well as representatives of world-famous international companies.
(Source: UzA)


Visit of the delegation of the Armed Forces of the Islamic Republic of Pakistan
On September 18, 2017, delegation of the Islamic Republic of Pakistan headed by the Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff Committee of the Armed Forces of the IRP General Zubair Mahmood Hayat arrived in Uzbekistan on an official visit.
Prime Minister of the Republic of Uzbekistan Abdulla Aripov received General Zubair Mahmood Hayat within the framework of his official visit, as well as a meeting was held with the Minister of Defense of our country, Major-General Abdusalom Azizov.
The current state of regional security and bilateral military cooperation, as well as other issues of mutual interest were discussed during the meetings.
The head of Pakistan delegation visited and got acquainted with the activities of the Institute of Strategic and Interregional Studies under the President of the Republic of Uzbekistan.
According to the program, it is planned to visit and become acquainted with cultural and historical sights of Bukhara and Samarkand, as well as pay homage and lay a wreath to the burial place of the First President of the Republic of Uzbekistan Islam Karimov.
(Source: UzA)

Uzbekistan transfers humanitarian aid for Myanmar refugees
On 18 September, Uzbekistan handed over humanitarian aid to Bangladesh Red Crescent Society, which will be distributed to Muslim refugees from Myanmar.
Bangladesh Red Crescent Society stated that it received one of the biggest supports in terms of urgently needed items from the Government of Uzbekistan.
Each of 8000 vulnerable families (about 50 thousand people) will get 14 types of food and other essential items including puffed rice (Muri), sugar, Beaten rice (chira), Peanut, Milk Powder, Energy Biscuit, Mosquito Net, Sari, Lungi, Blanket, Tshirt and pant set (children), Sandle, Basic Medicine and mineral water.
Ambassador Extraordinary and Plenipotentiary of Uzbekistan Farhod Arziev handed over humanitarian aid to representatives of Bangladesh Red Crescent Society.
According to official data, about 400,000 Muslims from Myanmar left the country to Bangladesh to escape violances.


Kashkadarya: the oasis which has blossomed under the sun of independence
For the past period our people under the leadership of the First President of our country Islam Karimov have passed heartrending experiences and have courageously overcome economic difficulties. Full grain, fuel and energy independence has been reached. Deep structural transformations are carried out in economy. Uzbekistan which at the former system was engaged mainly in procurement of raw materials and had one-sided economy has turned into the industrial country, comprehensively developing state now.
Large-scale social and economic reforms have been realized also in the Kashkadarya region, the cities and villages of the region have gained modern look, large production capacities, new housing are built, roads and bridges are paved. The biggest richness of this beautiful and unique area - its hardworking and conscientious inhabitants, and considerable natural resources are a source of economic prosperity of the region.
Guzar, Nishan, Mirishkor, Mubarek, Kasan districts are rich in deposits of hydrocarbons, Kamashin, Yakkabag, Kitab, Shakhrisabz and Dekhkanabad districts in rare minerals and nonmetallic rocks. 64 percent of the gas extracted in our country, 67 percent of oil, 87,4 percent of gas condensate fall to the share of Kashkadarya. In the territory of the area more than ten types of minerals, such as potash salt, marble, haydite, combustible slate, coal, lead, manganese, nephrite, bentonite clay, sandy glaukonite, etc are discovered. Fauna, flora, agricultural culture of an oasis are also unique.
As a result of the cardinal reforms carried out under the leadership of the President of our country Shavkat Mirziyoev absolutely new approaches and methods of management of agrarian branch are introduced in agriculture, the standard of farming comes to new level that can be seen on the example of the economic capacity of the Kashkadarya region which is increased every year. 13 percent of the grain procured in our country and more than 14 percent of cotton fall to the share of the region.
The industry of area consistenly develops. In a gross regional product the share of this branch lakes 38 percent. The “Shurtanneftegaz”, “Mubarekneftegaz”, “Gissarneftegaz” enterprises, the Shurtan gas-chemical complex, Mubarek oil refinery plant, the Dekhkanabad plant of potash fertilizers, Tallimardzhan thermal power plant and other large production capacities hold a specific lace in the industrial sector of our country. Such joint ventures as Kukdumalokgaz, Shurtangazproduct are also important for economic development of Uzbekistan.
In days of independence the railway system has captured also mountainous areas of the region that as allowed to begin development of the huge raw stocks which are available here. Now large-scale work on effective use of these natural sources, localization of production of finished goods, components and materials on their base is carried out. Thе railway line of Tashguzar-Baysun- Kumkurgan promotes dynamic development of the southern regions of our country, effective development of their minerals, development of social infrastructure, Thanks to these transformations, the new industrial enterprises the level and quality of life in mountainous areas increase, infrastructure of villages develops, Increase in welfare of the population is promoted also by the passage of “Afrosiyob” high-speed electric trains established between Tashkent and Qarshi.
Small business and entrepreneurship play an important role in the progress growth of a gross regional product of area, creation of new jobs, increase in income of the population, ensuring balance between supply and demand. Decrease in expenses on the organization and doing business, granting wide privileges to subjects of small business promote increase in efficiency of their activity. Businessmen of area have mastered a set of new types of production, such as marble bathtubs and plates, water emulsion, color stone blocks, dry filling, microcalcite, sewer pipes, polyethylene pipes, of various size, profiled sheeting, foam concrete blocks, burned brick and others. It promotes import substitution of construction materials. If in 1991 17 brick-works functioned in the area, today their number exceeds 170.
Housing built according to standard projects changes cardinally the image of our village. In 2009-2016 on 92 massifs over 7,5 thousand individual houses on the basis of standard projects have been built. This year on 52 housing areas of 13 districts of the area construction of 1 523 houses continues.
148 contract organizations and 13 170 workers participate in construction of housing area under the updated standard projects. As of July 1 of the current year 94 houses in Qarshi, 60 houses in Kitab, 30 - in Chirakchinsk, 71 - in Shakhrisabz, 25 - in Yakkabag, 10 - in Mubarek, 30 - in Guzar areas are constructed and ready to commissioning.
On these housing areas 63,6 kilometers of water, supply network and 37,1 kilometers of power supply networks will be laid. It is planned to reconstruct 27,6 kilometers of internal roads, construct 138 tanks, to install 30 transformers. lit is provided to lay 18,9 kilometers of gas pipelines in 9 housing areas, and to arrange providing inhabitants with cylinders with the liquefied gas in 23 housing areas.
According to the instructions given by the President of our country Shavkat Mirziyoev during the trip to our region on February 24-25 of the current year the large- scale work aimed at facilitation of cares and creation of comfortable conditions for people’s life is carried out. So, sources of financing and persons responsible for construction works within improvement of potable water supply of the population of the Qarshi city in 2017-2018 are determined
100 billion sum (currency rates of CB RU from 20.09.2017, 1$= 8077 soums) are allocated to improve a public health care system, in particular, for construction of cardiosurgery department of the Republican specialized center of cardiology forl20 beds in the regional center, the Qarshi branch of the Republican specialized scientific and practical medical center of endocrinology for 150 beds, capital repairs and modern equipment of regional infectious hospital is allocated. These objects are planned to be put into operation on December 1 of the current year. During the trip of the head of our state to the region, specific objectives for effective use of tourist potential and unique historical and cultural heritage of the region have been determined. Instructions of the President of our country on inclusion of the city of Shakhrisabz in the tourist routes providing visiting the Samarkand, Bukhara and Surkhandarya regions by tourists are being materialized. The resolution of chambers of Oliy Mazhlis of the Republic of Uzbekistan has approved the proposal to declare Shakhrisabz city as the city of regional subordination.
Really, Shakhrisabz takes the extremely important place in development of tourism in the region. In total 19 historical monuments, including 18 architectural monuments of an Amir Temur’s era and Temurids are located in the city. Besides, all the necessary conditions have been created in the Center of a makom and children’s school of music and art of the city for familiarizing of foreign tourists with the Uzbek classical music. Works on the development of train "Afrosiyob" movement to Shakhrisabz are continued. Great opportunities for development of tourism are also available in other districts of the region. With that in mind the comprehensive program of development of tourism in the Kashkadarya region in 2017-2018 has been developed.
To use effectively huge tourist capacity of the region it is planned in the current year to restore and repair 12 historical and cultural objects, establish new hotels and restaurants, improve quality of service. In mountain and in foothill territories necessary conditions for ecological tourism are being created.
In order to develop agricultural tourism it is planned to organize wine tasting on vineyards of Kitab district, tours on ATVs across steppes of Mubarek district, the regular dramatized shows "A victorious campaign" and "The shah’s feast" in the historic center of Shakhrisabz. Businessmen of the region have signed more than 200 cooperation agreements with domestic and foreign tourism companies at the exhibition which has taken place in the capital on April 13-14 of the current year.
Special attention is paid to creation of real jobs, further increase in welfare and level of income of the population through attraction of foreign direct investments, creations of modern production enterprises. A main goal is life satisfaction of the people.
An important role in achievement of these purposes is played by implementation of structural transformations in the industries and economy in general are defined. In the next 5 years more than 36 trillion 586 billion sum of investments are planned to be invested in the regional economy. About 80 percent of investments will be aimed at updating of production capacities. In realization of these measures along with the ministries and departments, the state and non-state organizations an active part is taken also by businessmen.
Today 5 enterprises manufacturing yarn with a total capacity of 14,2 thousand tons work in the region. At 57 small enterprises and microfirms garment and knitted products, ready-to-wear clothes and other production are made.
This year it is planned to put into operation 2 new enterprises for production of yam with a total capacity of 32,3 thousand tons of processed cotton fiber. At one such enterprise modernization works are carried out. As a result of these projects processing 46,5 thousand tons of fiber or 32 percent will become possible in the region by the end of the year It is also planned to put into operation 48 enterprises of light industry.
The "LT Tekstil International’ Uzbek Chinese-Netherlands enterprise for textile production which is under construction in the Qarshi district is being equipped with the most modern and energy efficient equipment. The first stage of enterprise creation providing production of 15 thousand tons of yarn of the mixed type (cotton and synthetic fibers) per year comes to the end. it will be put into operation by the 26th anniversary of independence of our country. The second stage of the project will allow to produce 50 million square meters of fabric per year and create over 800 jobs. This enterprise will expand capacities of processing of cotton fiber procured in the region, increase the real income of the population. 80 percent of production will be delivered abroad.
The regional territorial program within the State program for realization of Strategy of actions on five priority directions of development of the Republic of Uzbekistan in 2017-2021 in a Year of Dialogue with the People and of Human Interests has been developed. It is planned to allocate 2,69 trillion Soums and USD 204,1 million for implementation of the actions provided in it. In the social sphere it is planned to carry out 85 actions worth 1,84 trillion Soums and USD 4 million. To date works for 1,25 trillion Soums and USD 3,9 million have been performed.
In total resources 42,7 billion Soums fall to the share of the budget and off-budget funds, 440,7 billion – to the share of sponsors and executors, 770,5 billion Soums – to the bank credits.
In order to further develop cultivation of agricultural production, cultivation of cows, sheep, goats and beekeeping, organization of compact greenhouses in personal subsidiary farms of citizens, financial support of women’s business, commercial banks have allocated the credits worth 289,6 billion Soums. In January, 2017 the media plan has been approved to pursuant to the State program "Year of dialogue with the people and the interests of the person" and the Law of the Republic of Uzbekistan "About appeals of natural and legal entities". The order according to which hokims of each region and the city study through the working groups the state of affairs in the territories headed by them and submit the corresponding personally signed reports to the Virtual reception of the President of the Republic of Uzbekistan is introduced.
As of July 1 of the current year through the Virtual reception of the President in regional hokimiyat 30 743 appeals have arrived, of them 29 561 appeals are considered, 1182 appeals are at a consideration stage.
Visits of a hokim of region and his deputies along with creation of convenience to citizens promote the in-site solution of the questions concerning them. Heads of responsible departments of the region also take part in visits. For the last six months of 2017 hokim of the region and his deputies made 101 visits.
The issues the citizens raise in their appeals are continuously analyzed by regional hokimiyat and discussed at the end of every month at an enlarged meeting of hokimiyat officials in order to identify and eliminate the reasons of their emergence.
These days in all cities and villages, labor collectives and the makhallya, in each house there is an active preparation for the greatest, most expensive holiday - the 26th anniversary of independence of our Homeland.
Independence is the strong base of our present peaceful, quiet and safe life, a source of enhancement of the authority of the country on the international scene. Looking at the enormous changes which have happened in life of the country and people we realize huge importance and a role of this great value for each inhabitant of our sacred Homeland more deeply. These high feelings along with all our compatriots live also in the hearts of residents of the Kashkadarya region, inspire them to achieve new boundaries.
(Source: «Business» newspaper)

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