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On August 17, a video-selector meeting dedicated to the state of affairs, problems and further tasks in the system of internal affairs bodies was held in Tashkent under the chairmanship of the President of the Republic of Uzbekistan Shavkat Mirziyoyev.

It was attended by the heads of the Oliy Majlis chambers, the Prime Minister and his deputies, state advisers to the President, heads of several ministries and departments. Chairman of the Jokargy Kenes of the Republic of Karakalpakstan, khokims of the regions and the city of Tashkent, their deputies on issues of youth and women, officials of public organizations, structural divisions of the internal affairs bodies attended the meeting through a videoconference.

Issues of ensuring a peaceful and tranquil life of the population, combating crime and delinquency, ensuring public order and security occupy the most important and priority place in the state policy pursued by the President of our country. Indeed, this issue is the most important condition and guarantee of successful implementation of all socio-economic reforms, modernization and renovation of our country. Therefore, the head of our state constantly forwards this extremely difficult task on radical reforming the system of internal affairs bodies, increasing the effectiveness of its activities at the modern level.

Large-scale activities have been carried out in the sphere over the past short period, especially on prevention of crime. New methods of work have been introduced in activities of law enforcement agencies, complete legal system has been formed.

Position of deputy khokims of various levels and heads of city departments of internal affairs on the issues of youth is introduced for increasing the effectiveness of preventive measures at places.

Parliamentary and public control in the sphere is strengthened. A new system has been created on critical discussion of reports of responsible persons and evaluation of their activities in the Senate and local Kengashes.

Republican interdepartmental commissions are organized on crime prevention and crime counteracting, on affairs of minors.

The most important thing is that every Thursday of the week is declared as the Day of prevention of offenses, systemic, targeted and unconditional fulfillment of events scheduled for this day is ensured.

As a result, crime is declining. So, for the past 7 months of this year the number of crimes decreased by 4600 compared to the same period of the last year. In particular, the number of cases of premeditated murder decreased by 72, intentional infliction of heavy bodily harm – by 75, robbery – by 81, hooliganism – by 401.

It is also very important that the number of crimes committed by minors and women is reduced by 12,8 and 3,84 percent, respectively.

No crimes were committed in 1765 makhallas as a result of large-scale preventive measures carried out in makhallas together with public institutions.

Information and communication technologies are widely used in the sphere. Nearly 10 thousand crimes have been solved in the city of Tashkent, Andijan, Namangan, Fergana, Kashkadarya and Tashkent regions with the use of over 114 thousand video surveillance facilities installed in public places.

At the same time, the analysis shows that work in this direction in some regions is carried out “for a tick”, whereupon the situation does not change in a positive way. The effectiveness of preventive measures is provided not in all regions.

The head of our state noted that the leadership of the Ministry of internal affairs is limited only to reports on committed crimes and indicators of their disclosure, does not pay serious attention to the collection and continuous analysis of information on preventive measures carried out in the regions and their effectiveness, daily coordination of activities of internal affairs bodies at places.

There are also other problems awaiting solution in the ministry’s system.

The President of our country noted that the work carried out in some regions on prevention of crime and early prevention of crimes is unsatisfactory. For example, crime rates across the country have declined, but had risen in Samarkand region. The number of crimes committed by women in Bukhara, Navoi, Fergana regions and the Republic of Karakalpakstan has increased.

At the same time, despite repeated discussion of this issue, not enough attention is paid at places to prevention. So, there were all possibilities to prevent 14 out of 49 murders committed in Samarkand region, 4 out of 10 murders in Djizak, 3 out of 10 murders in Navoi, 6 out of 30 murders in Kashkadarya regions. Activists of the makhalla and prevention inspectors, despite suspicions and indications of likelihood of committing these crimes, did not take necessary measures.

Another important issue – people still haven’t weaned fr om outdated notion that prevention of crime is only the task of internal affairs bodies. So, every fifth serious crime is committed on family and household motives. Makhallas, women’s committees with due diligence and study of family disagreements, could prevent these cases, said the head of our state.

In this regard, the leadership of “Makhalla” and “Nuroniy” funds, the Women’s committee, the Union of Youth are instructed to draw appropriate conclusions and jointly take necessary measures on identifying and eliminating causes of family conflicts, disagreements between neighbors and other similar cases, reconciliation of the parties.

It was noted at the meeting that preventive activities with persons released from places of execution of punishment, implementation of administrative supervision over them, are also of great importance. There are also certain shortcomings in this sphere. About 12 thousand persons of this category are subject to administrative supervision, but these measures were not taken in respect of 6377 of them. Although this kind of supervision serves as a guarantee that they will not re-enter the path of crime and delinquency. Through social support of every convicted person, it is necessary to ensure that he sees not an enemy but a friend in the state and society. It was noted that special attention should be paid to the employment of persons of this category.

The head of our state noted that modern threats and challenges in the form of international terrorism, religious extremism, the spread of destructive ideas in society, especially among youth, require responsible departments to take decisive measures on their timely prevention and suppression.

Many measures, programs have been taken at places, but a significant part of them remains on paper.

We must pay special attention to working with persons who have been abroad for a long time. It was revealed that in 2017 more than 67 thousand of our compatriots returned from abroad. Leaders at places should give all kinds of assistance to such persons, create decent conditions so that they could work in their home country, live in their homes, with their families, so that such people would not wander in a foreign country in searching for a job. However, many of our citizens, who have returned from abroad, are not provided with work, which indicates a lack of attention paid to this issue on the part of responsible organizations.

The head of our state pointed to the weak activity aimed at preventing inappropriate and criminal acts among minors, protecting their rights, freedoms and legitimate interests, forming law-abiding and legal culture.

The bodies that carry out supervisory and preventive activities in this sphere are working in an inconsistent manner. There is still an out-of-date notion: the school is responsible for the child at school, at home – parents, in the makhalla – activists.

In the regions, the issue of working with unorganized youth is out of the sight of managers. Crime rates among unorganized youth remain high in the Republic of Karakalpakstan, the city of Tashkent, Djizak, Namangan, Andijan, Kashkadarya and Surkhandarya regions.

With this in mind, the Cabinet of Ministers and the Ministry of internal affairs have been instructed to critically analyze activities of deputy khokims and heads of internal affairs bodies at all levels on youth issues and make relevant proposals.

At the meeting, the work on disclosure of crimes, capture and detention of criminals was criticized. To date, 3186 crimes have not been solved, only 5250 people have been detained out of 15958 persons declared wanted. No one can guarantee that they, while still at loose, do not continue to commit crimes. Therefore, the Prosecutor general’s office, the Ministry of internal affairs, the National security service, the Supreme court, together with relevant organizations, are charged with critically analyzing activities carried out by the internal affairs bodies in this direction and providing relevant information.

President Shavkat Mirziyoyev noted that at the heart of all shortcomings there is unsatisfactory state of work on selection, placement and retraining of personnel in the internal affairs bodies. This is evidenced by the fact that in the current year, 223 criminal cases have been opened against employees of internal affairs bodies, 462 employees have been brought to disciplinary responsibility.

At the same time, there are cases of concealment of crimes committed by members of the internal affairs bodies. This is nothing more than the desire to artificially lower crime rates, protect their employees.

A new procedure for admission to the Academy of the Ministry of internal sffairs with the abolition of tests was introduced for effective solution of personnel issue in the sphere on the initiative of the head of our state. In accordance with this, academic lyceums will be organized, which will be engaged in targeted training of candidates for training in higher educational institutions of the Ministry of internal affairs. Since 2020, listeners will be accepted from among graduates of these lyceums and employees of internal affairs bodies on the basis of interview and professional competition.

There should be appropriate conditions for effective activity. Ongoing large-scale activities on improvement of conditions of service and residence of employees of internal affairs bodies, especially prevention inspectors, providing them with houses wh ere they serve should be noted. However, there are shortcomings at places in implementation of these instructions.

The head of our state gave instructions to relevant responsible persons on intensification of activities carried out in this direction.

It was noted that, to some extent, it is fault of prosecutors of districts and cities in emergence and lack of attention for a long time to problems solving in the activities of internal affairs bodies. One of the main tasks of the prosecutor’s office is to supervise implementation of legislation by internal affairs bodies, coordinate their activities on counteracting crime. However, some employees of the prosecutor’s office, guided by nepotism, are not performing their duties conscientiously. In a word, the prosecutor’s supervision over the activities of the internal affairs bodies is not carried out at the proper level.

In this regard, the leadership of the Prosecutor general’s office is instructed to establish effective prosecutor’s supervision over the activities of internal affairs bodies and to increase personal responsibility of prosecutors.

The head of our state noted that in improvement of activities of internal affairs bodies, it is important to involve the general public in reforming the system.

The Senate of the Oliy Majlis must work even more actively in the process of reforming the internal affairs bodies. Deficiencies discussed at the meeting indicate that the Senate should raise this work to a new level.

Deputy heads of district and city internal affairs bodies were tasked with carrying out activities, dividing territories for which they would be responsible. But this division at places was carried out “for a tick”.

The Senate should increase the effectiveness of this work, take, along with relevant ministries, necessary measures on turning the system of internal affairs into an exemplary sphere. In particular, it is necessary to take seriously the hearing of reports of the minister of internal affairs and his deputies, adoption of decisions on them. And at the lower level, it is necessary to promote an even more effective organization of reports in local Kengashes of people’s deputies of reports of the heads of local internal affairs bodies.

The head of our state noted that people should confidently go with the problems that concern them, first of all, to the internal affairs bodies, to prevention inspectors, to see their defender in every employee of the system. Only in this way the internal affairs bodies will deserve authority among people.

At the meeting, reports of responsible persons of the Ministry of internal affairs and the Prosecutor general’s office were heard.

Heads of the Ministry of internal affairs and its territorial divisions noted that they will draw conclusions from the discussion, make every effort to eliminate shortcomings in the sphere that were indicated at the meeting.