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President awards a group of citizens

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President awards a group of citizens

A group of compatriots has been awarded orders and medals, honorary titles under several decrees of President Shavkat Mirziyoyev on the eve of the 29th anniversary of the country’s independence.

The awarding ceremony took place on December 28 at Kuksaroy Complex.

The Head of the state congratulated the awardees and expressed his deep respect and best wishes to them.

“In recent years, we have developed a good tradition of presenting awards in the festive atmosphere of Independence Day. Unfortunately, this year, we had to postpone this event due to the pandemic and to protect people’s health. It’s never too late to do good. We had the opportunity to meet with you today, on the eve of the New Year”, Shavkat Mirziyoyev said.

Pain and joy always go hand in hand. The coronavirus pandemic this year has brought great hardships to humanity. Uzbekistan people faced other challenges along with the fight against this disease. There were disasters in Bukhara and Syrdarya regions.

“Uzbekistan did not lose hope during these problems. On the contrary, the difficulties brought us together, we began to care more about each other. Despite the difficult situation, we courageously overcome these challenges with the selfless work of our people, who have seen a lot and are full of determination. The saying that strength in unity has found its next confirmation. Our measures to mitigate the consequences of the pandemic and the global crisis are bearing fruit”, the President stressed.

It was noted that measures to protect public health, economic development and creative work are being accelerated. Modern enterprises based on high technologies and new transport systems are being built. Tashkent Metallurgical Plant and a new metro line have been launched this month. This year, the National Children’s Medical Center, Victory Park, and Alley of Writers were built in Tashkent. Modern houses, roads and bridges, new kindergartens, schools, cultural and art institutions, and sports facilities are being built in all regions and districts.

Opportunities are being created for small businesses and private entrepreneurs. Based on state programs, cities and villages are being improved, and the country’s image is becoming even more beautiful. Our hardworking farmers have grown a rich crop of cotton, grain, and other crops.

“To achieve today’s results, we all worked under very difficult conditions of the pandemic”, Shavkat Mirziyoyev said. – It was necessary to work tirelessly, to find new opportunities and resources. Our dedicated doctors, risking their lives, showed courage and perseverance in protecting the health of people. We pay tribute to brave and courageous members of the Armed Forces, National Guard, Ministry of Internal Affairs, and Ministry of Emergency Situations. At the same time, the real support of the people were skilled builders, generous entrepreneurs, mahalla activists, respected representatives of the older generation, and initiative youth. Our people, who are together overcoming any challenges, have become a powerful force in these difficult days. I would like to take this opportunity to emphasize once again that I bow down to our patient, hardworking, noble, and selfless people for their great heroism.

“When does a person feel happy? What is greatness? When you honestly and conscientiously serve the country and in return receive such an award. Those sitting here today are heroes of our time, outstanding representatives of courageous people”, the President said.

At the ceremony, it was noted that this year, to assess the merits of our compatriots, the honorary title “Honored Geologist of Uzbekistan”, the order “Oliy Darajali Dustlik”, the orders “Health” and “Fakhriy Murabbiy” of the first and second degrees, the medal “Soglom Turmush” have been established.

The badge “Mekhr-Sakhovat” was established and awarded to about 25 thousand of our compatriots who contributed to supporting the population in need of social protection.

These days, hundreds of our citizens received honorary titles, orders, and medals in a solemn atmosphere across the country.

On behalf of those gathered at the ceremony today, the Head of the state congratulated all our fellow citizens who received awards.

The awarding ceremony has taken place.

As is known, on the eve of Teachers and Mentors Day, representatives of the Jadid Movement – Abdulla Avloni, Mahmudkhoja Behbudi, and Munavvarqori Abdurashidkhonov were posthumously awarded the order “Buyuk khizmatlari uchun”.

At the beginning of the ceremony, these awards were presented to the grandchildren of our outstanding educators. This tribute to the memory shows that the immortal heritage of great ancestors is still valued today, it gives our people great spiritual strength. At the same time, it shows the steady movement of Uzbekistan towards national revival and progress.

The awards were also presented to the representatives of medicine, economics, science, education, literature, and other spheres, excellent students of state and public activities. The Head of the state thanked them for inspiring young people with their fruitful work, patriotism and initiative, and expressed his best wishes.

“All of us with good hopes and high goals stand on the threshold of the New Year. We are proud that all of us, faithfully serve the people and lay the foundation of a new Uzbekistan. May peace reign throughout the world, may the Almighty always protect our generous and noble people, our native country”, the President said in conclusion.

The awardees expressed their gratitude to the Head of the state for high attention.

The event was attended by the heads of state and public organizations, labor veterans, intellectuals, and young people.