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The visit of the President of Uzbekistan Shavkat Mirziyoyev to the Samarkand region has become a practical embodiment of the goals and objectives of the Strategy for Actions and the State Program "Year of Dialogue with the People and of Human Interests".

The head of state visited the everlasting rest of the First President of our country Islam Karimov. There will be erected a memorial complex. It will be faced with granite and marble slabs, ayats from the Koran will be written on the portal of the mausoleum.

The President got acquainted with the project of the complex, gave recommendations on its betterment, increasing the conveniences for visitors. He noted the need to reduce the height of the steps, expand and improve the area around the complex, equip with a modern lighting system.

The complex should reflect the greatness, purity of the thoughts and convictions of our First President, his meaningful way of life, selfless service to the people and the country. With this complex we must express our love and respect for Islam Karimov, stressed Shavkat Mirziyoyev.

He also noted that this complex should form a harmonious architectural ensemble with the Khazrati Khizr Mosque. Instructions were given for the construction of high aivans (veranda) for pilgrims in consonant with the appearance of the mausoleum, creating comfort conditions for official delegations.

The President also familiarized himself with the project of building an international research center at the memorial complex of Imam Bukhari specializing in the study of Islamic culture, the rich heritage of our great ancestors who made a great contribution to the advancement of world civilization.

The head of state attached special attention to the essence and significance of this project, noting that in this institution it is necessary to develop a comprehensive approach to the establishing of Islamic culture propaganda. The building of the center should demonstrate the spiritual power, strength and potential of our great ancestors, for this it is necessary to name each room with the name of a certain scientist and accordingly design it.

The Samarkand region has a huge tourist potential. In the region, consistent work is carried out to advance the tourism, boost the quality of service and expand the types of provided services. In order to further evolve this potential and attract tourists, the projects were elaborated to establish a free tourist zone in Samarkand in 2017-2019. According to these projects, a tourist and entertainment hotel complex is emerged on Amir Temur Street and a winter rest complex near the Samarkand rowing channel.

The head of our state learned the information on the possibilities of new tourist centers, organized events to demonstrate the unique traditions and values of our people to the guests.

As in all regions of our country, large-scale measures are taken to dynamically bolster the small business and private entrepreneurship in the region. The presidential Decree "On the establishment of free economic zones "Urgut", "Gijduvan", "Kokand" and "Khazarasp" on January 12 of this year creates ample opportunities in this direction.

As a part of the realization of this document, the territories of “Urgut-1” in Urgut district, “Urgut-2” in Nurabad district and “Urgut-3” in Pastdargom district were created. Under these territories, 816 hectares of land were allocated, the work has begun to provide them with the necessary engineering and communications infrastructure. Projects are realized to organize the production of light industry products, household appliances, medical equipment, pharmaceutical, leather and footwear products, office supplies and building materials. In 2017-2018, a total of 83 projects are planned to be implemented, 20 of them will be completed this year. The head of our state showed an interest in their economic efficiency.

These projects with a total cost of $ 250 million will be financed by the commercial banks and incorporators’ funds. As a result, 5.5 thousand new jobs will be created.

The President of our country noted the need to organize systematic work on the organization of this strategic zone, to attract businessmen here, to study the activities of industrial zones abroad and to introduce best practices. There was noted the necessity to establish the personnel training in one of the colleges of the Urgut district who will work at the economic zone, and the introduction of such practices in relation to the free economic zones "Kokand", "Gijduvan" and "Khazarasp".

In conversation with entrepreneurs, the head of our state made recommendations on the effective use of the favorable business climate created in our country, boosting the quality of products, bolstering export activities, studying the foreign market and expanding cooperation with foreign business partners.

The President of our country got acquainted with the project of accomplishment of Nurafshon Street, connecting Dahbed Street of Samarkand city and Imam Bukhari complex in Payariq district. He suggested to consider the opinion of the population, the traditions of national architecture and the requirements of modern architecture in the realization the projects.

Shavkat Mirziyoyev was presented the projects on the organization of household appliances production in the free economic zone "Urgut".

Getting acquainted with them, the President of our country noted that the provision of the population with modern household appliances is one of the main indicators of the living standards. An order was given to export products to the world market, further promotion of the brand "Made in Uzbekistan".

The head of our state visited to the people’s reception of the President of the Republic of Uzbekistan in the Samarkand region. It is located in the house number 32 on Dahbed Street in the city of Samarkand, all necessary conditions were created there for reception of the citizens, consideration of appeals and making decisions on them. The President noted that the people’s reception rooms became an effective and convenient means of dialogue with the people, now the main attention should be placed on securing that the people should satisfy with their work.

During his visit to the Samarkand region on October 5, 2016, Shavkat Mirziyoyev drew particular significance to the issue of further enhancing the transport infrastructure of the regional center, noting the necessity of laying the tram lines.

In the short time, the necessary work was carried out in this direction. Steel ways were laid on the streets of the city to organize the movement of trams.

The President of our country participated in the event dedicated to the launch of a tram route along the line "Railway station - Sartepa" in Samarkand city.

The head of our state together with a group of residents of the region made a trip by tram from the station "Tarikh Muzeyi" to the "Temir yul vokzali” station. During the sincere conversation they talked about the reforms being carried out in our country, attention to the further improvement of the people’s well-being.

The length of the double-track tram line is 7.2 kilometers. Four electrical substations and one depot were built for its maintenance. On the route between the Railway station and Sartepa will run 8 trams. In Samarkand, it is planned to organize the movement of 20 trams along four routes.

During the two-day trip, the head of the republic visited other enterprises, got acquainted with major projects aimed at the advancement of agriculture, light, leather and footwear industries and other industries. The large-scale tasks determined during the visit will raise the progress of the region to an upper level; a sincere dialogue with the people gave a new impulse to the dialogue with the inhabitants of the region.