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The rich historical and cultural heritage of Uzbekistan, its role in the formation and development of the Great Silk Road that significantly contributed to the progress of civilization in the world are of particular interest among authoritative British press.

Thus, recently the publication of world-class The Guardian in its popular section "Why I love ..." published an article devoted to our country. The author of the material - a well-known British journalist Caroline Eden, talking about her travels to Uzbekistan, noted the harmonious combination of national architectural traditions and modern architectural solutions.

"Uzbekistan is changing fast, the country has an extensive transport infrastructure with modern, comfortable trains, and world-class aircraft with which you can easily reach every corner of the republic. Great attention is paid to the development of information technology and telecommunications, particularly mobile Internet is widespread among the population", the publication says.

Expressing admiration for the ancient cities of our region, C.Eden notes that Tashkent is famous for the development of art and crafts, Samarkand has excellent architectural structures, Bukhara fascinates with its enchanting aura and Khiva is a museum under the open sky of world importance, where sunrise and sunset take on a special colorful palette.

The journalist, describing the national cuisine of Uzbekistan and an amazing variety of culinary preferences of residents of the republic, informs readers about the traditional tea houses where people gather for interesting leisure activities.

Taking into account the growing interest in exotic travel, the publication recommends audience to visit surely the Republic of Karakalpakstan, where, in addition to vacation in yurts gaining popularity among foreign tourists, visitors also have the opportunity to visit the unique Museum of Arts named after Igor Savitsky.

Another influential British newspaper Evening Standard published one of the most talented young artists in the field of travel and international cooking Eleanor Ford’s article dedicated to our region. The article reported that the main feature of the Uzbek people is the friendliness and hospitality rendered to the guests.

"Uzbekistan has made an enormous contribution to the development of world civilization. The desire of inhabitants of the country to save the rich heritage, traditions and customs of their ancestors deserves special attention. In particular, traditional and fabulous ikat fabrics are very popular among tourists and locals", emphasized in the article.

In this context it should be noted that C.Eden and E.Ford gave a joint interview with the well-known American edition The Boston Globe, in which they emphasize the excellent quality of the agricultural products of our country. "Uzbekistan is a very fertile region. For example, Samarkand since ancient times is famous for fruit and vegetables which are the most delicious, naturally and organically grown under the sun", the British journalists informed.

Ilkley Gazette publication also placed an article based on an interview about our country with C.Eden and E.Ford. Along with the appreciation of the historical and cultural heritage, it underlines the variety of culinary traditions, which reflect the inter-ethnic harmony and mutual respect in Uzbekistan. "Tasting traditional Uzbek pilaf, kebabs and other dishes and personally observing what ingredients are used in the course of preparation, you seem to find yourself in the eastern tale, when the caravans laden with spices, passing through the mountains and deserts, stayed in blossoming oases."

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