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The President of Uzbekistan visited Fergana region

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The President of Uzbekistan visited Fergana region

Yesterday, President Shavkat Mirziyoyev visited Fergana region in order to get acquainted with the creative work in the territories, the life of mahallas and dialogue with the people, reports “Dunyo” IA correspondent.

According to “Pravda Vostoka” newspaper, the Head of the state arrived in Baghdad district.

More than 218 thousand people live in the district. For a long time, due attention was not paid to the construction sector, which is why the need for new housing has increased. In recent years, large-scale construction and landscaping activities have been carried out in the district.

7 multi-storey buildings were built in the district’s Guliston mahalla last year, and 61 multi-storey buildings this year.

The Head of the state got acquainted with the work done.

All the necessary social facilities are conveniently located in the mahalla. A citizens’ assembly, a co-working center for youth, a complex of trade and consumer services are located close to each other. A school for 420 children, a kindergarten for 150 children, a family polyclinic, a house of culture and a sports complex have been built. Children’s playgrounds are equipped in front of multi-storey buildings.

In general, the district has modern infrastructure. Internal roads are being asphalted, the adjacent territory is being improved.

The residents of the mahalla are mainly engaged in entrepreneurship, poultry farming and agriculture. This is also facilitated by a small industrial zone, more than one hundred hectares of greenhouses next to the mahalla. As a result of a door-to-door study of problematic issues, 205 people were employed in a small industrial zone, hundreds of young people – in a greenhouse complex.

The President spoke with the activists of the mahalla, representatives of the older generation.

“Such development of our regions, the provision of people with housing, work makes me very happy. We have a saying: once in a foreign land, you will understand how the Motherland is dear. I have lived and worked for many years away from my home, felt all the difficulties of not having my own home. I well understand people who face such problems, their solution haunts me. That is why we are building houses everywhere, making every effort to ensure that every family in our country finds housing. The interests of citizens are above all for me”, said Shavkat Mirziyoyev.

The Head of the state visited the house of Mr. Abduqakhor and Mrs. Oyzoda, who moved to one of the new apartments in the mahalla. They raised four children.

A sincere conversation took place about the education of young people, current opportunities for education and entrepreneurship, the values ​​of peace and tranquility.

The importance of the construction of satellite towns for 4-5 thousand apartments in Yazyavan, Oltiariq and Fergana districts was noted on the example of Guliston mahalla.

Shavkat Mirziyoyev met with voters of Fergana region

The Head of the state visited a new cultural center in Guliston mahalla of Baghdad district and talked with artists.

“Together with the economy, we are trying to develop the cultural sphere. Fergana has long been famous for its creative people. The theater in Kokand was repaired, modern conditions are created, museums and schools are organized in honor of outstanding writers and art workers. Today, at the meeting with voters, I proposed to immortalize the names of Zokirjon Kholmuhammad-ugli Furkat, Ashurali Zokhiri, Yusufjon-qiziq Shakarjonov, build an Alley of Artists and develop a culture in the region. I think you will support these ideas and make your contribution, which will serve the development of art, the education of young people”, the Head of the state said.

The importance of improving the activities of Kokand Theater, attracting talented directors from the capital and raising the artistic level of performances was emphasized. A proposal was made to organize a special department at Uzbekistan State Institute of Arts and Culture to continue the traditions of Fergana tightrope walkers and askia masters.

The President also visited a greenhouse in the same district. Here 500 young men and women, included in the “Youth Notebook”, are employed.

The Head of the state inquired about their success and plans.

Young farmers said that they are mainly engaged in growing lemons in the greenhouse, in the aisles – tomatoes and peppers, other vegetables, which brings them income and helped them get out of the “Youth Notebook”.

Young entrepreneur Zurkhumor Mamajonova noted that her family was allocated an apartment in one of the newly built houses in the mahalla for free, shared plans to organize entrepreneurial courses for young people at the expense of funds raised in the greenhouse, and also expressed gratitude to the President.

“The attitude to the land is changing, and if you do not sit idly by, you’ll get the result. For you, this is a small, but still an opportunity. There will still be new greenhouses, many enterprises are being created, they will need such hardworking, educated young people like you. Never stop searching for new opportunities and acquiring knowledge. We will create additional opportunities for young people in Fergana to get an education”, Shavkat Mirziyoyev said.

President visited Kushtepa district, where he got acquainted with the technology of drip irrigation of cotton.

Cultivating land in central Fergana is a laborious process. Especially in Kushtepa district, 70 percent of the territory of which is land with low fertility. Accordingly, the indicators of crop cultivation were also low.

During his visit to Fergana region in 2019, the Head of the state ordered the introduction of drip irrigation in such areas.

Today, a project based on this technology is being implemented by Fergana Global Textile cluster in cooperation with the Israeli company Netafim.

At the first stage, drip irrigation was introduced on 215 hectares. For this, an artificial reservoir with a volume of 17 thousand cubic meters was built and 3 vertical wells were drilled. Modern equipment worth $520 thousand is installed. With this technology, 60 hectares of cotton fields can be irrigated simultaneously.

The effect of the technology is tangible. Thus, the consumption of water, fertilizers and fuel was reduced by half, the cost of mechanization was reduced by nine times. 10 young agronomists have been trained to effectively operate the new system.

The President got acquainted with the drip irrigation process and talked with the staff.

“The soil here is sandy, there is a constant lack of water. However, the approach to work here was the same as elsewhere. Therefore, it was unprofitable to engage in agriculture in the district. For example, 10-12 centners of cotton were harvested per hectare. And 45 centners are expected this year. All this is the result of a scientific approach. You can!” the President said.

At the second stage of the project, it is planned to introduce drip irrigation on 1.2 thousand hectares. According to experts, the technology will fully recoup the costs in two seasons.

A conversation was held with media representatives.

The President got acquainted with the living conditions of the population in Kushtepa district’s Namuna mahalla.

Viticulture is an integral part of the agriculture of Uzbekistan people. The cultivation of the vine is especially widespread in Fergana Valley.

Namuna mahalla is no exception. The main income of residents comes from viticulture. At the same time, they are engaged in the production of furniture, the manufacture of national hats, sewing, animal husbandry, beekeeping and rabbit breeding. More than 3 thousand people live in the mahalla.

President Shavkat Mirziyoyev visited Jumaboy Ismoilov’s family here.

Mr. Ismoilov is a dehkan with a lot of experience. His spouse Fotima is a seamstress. They told that they have already arranged the life of older children, now they receive additional income by working at home. 100 grape bushes and fruit trees are grown on 15 acres of land. 21 million UZS were earned from grapes last year.

The President noted that in the future, the mahalla system will be provided with even wider opportunities, which will help to address local problems and social protection of the population.

Thereupon, President Shavkat Mirziyoyev has completed his trip to Fergana region and departed for Andijan.

“Dunyo” IA